Celeteque Acne Oil Control Toner

4.8 5 0 98 98 Celeteque acne care oil control toner contains aloe vera and chamomile extracts that serve as a refresher and clean up dirt. It has been dermatologically tested for not causing blackheads (noncomedogenic) and fragrance free.
Celeteque Acne Oil Control Toner


Effective and Love!
I've been using celeteque foe months now And I can that its the best decision ever! Very effective specially those who have sensitive skin like
Ginamit ko Celeteque skincare line nung nagstart ako magpimples due to ever changing body clock as nature ng work namin. Maganda sya for me kasi mild sya and hindi mahapdi gamitin sa face kahit meron active acnes. Best paired sa cleanser nila na mild din and their moisturizer. They also have their SPF30 and spf50 which is light lang for sunscreen.
My favorite toner
Besides their moisturizer, Celeteque is one of my favorite skincare companies. I especially like their toner for my skin. It's perfect for me, and I love how it makes my skin glow.
Awesome product
This is what I'm currently using. And I always bring this with me wherever I go. This is perfect for me cause it doesn't harm my skin
Maybe not for me
I have tried this product as recommended by a friend because I had a pimple outbreak. But I feel like it is too dry for someone like me who have a combination type of skin.
It really helps on my skin during red days.. Whenever I had some pimples, mild scemt and it's alcohol free! This complete my regimen during those days!
Best toner for my clients
I actually used it as my personal toner and also i used it for my client prep routine before i put on any make up product. As a makeup artist i make sure i used good quality toner for my client . Celeteque toner is good for sensitive skin too. highly recomended!!
I bought this product because of a certain influencer and also to try if it works on me or if my skin is comfortable with it. Sad to say that I didn't do anything on my pimples, hence my skin is comfortable with it because it didn't irritate me. It's just that this product not for me :)
how effective to me
this product is not harmful and even to sensitive skin it is good.
I used this product because I have a very oily skin and acne probe and it's really help me to prevent my oily skin and acne it's super worth it because it literally remove dirt and your skin leaves softer..
From face wash, toner to moisturizer, celeteque talaga ako.,ito talaga nakatulong sa akin mawala mga pimples ko. Kaya pati partner ko ito na rin pinapagamit ko.,subrang mild nya lang sa face at subrang effective pa.
One of my favorite brand
One of my favorite brand. It is well tested on removing acne and pimples. My grandmother introduced me this product when i was in highschool.
No more breakouts!!
Super love this product. It really helps me on my acne breakouts. It also lessen the oiliness in my face. It suits for those who have sensitive skin like me.
Kahit asawa ko nag try nito. Super ganda. Kahit sa mga men pwede to promise!!
Holy grail!
I have an oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. This product really helps me in battling acne breakout. I super love how it cleanses my skin without leaving it dry. I love it! Would highly recommend this especially to those who have acne problems like me.

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