4.9 5 0 18 18 SOY SECRETZ Corn is a high quality soy milk drink made from 100% non-GMO natural soybeans blended with corn. Not only the recipe’s outstanding features lies in its smooth pecfectly-blended flavour, but it also benefits to eyes’ health.
Dutchmill Soy Secretz Corn
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A Healthy Drink!
This is an innovation to go-to drinks today. Since people, especially children, are so fond of drinks in tetra packs for school and outings, it is got that Dutch Mill made their product more nutritious and healthy thru Soy Secretz. This Sweet Corn flavor is not that sweet. I can taste its soya mildly and also, the sweet corn and flavor is there but mildly. One tetra apck is just enough for me. I recommend this!
I honestly don't prefer drinking any soy-based milk since I don't find them masarap. However, I tried this Soy Secretz because of the food delivery service I am using. Grabe, an sarap niya. Para kang uminom ng mais con-yelo na less sweet but healthier version. Try their other flavors, all of them tastes good. Lalo na sa mga tao na di rin mahilig ng mga soy milk, this can be a changer.
Tastes like ginataang mais
I never imagined drinking a corn milk. It does reallytaste like ginataang mais na malamig 😂 i don't like the flavor though. I prefer the other flavor., Yun hazelnut choco. I would recommend this to those people whose lookingfor a healthy drink
Soya Corn
Im 6 months pregnant and a picky eater. Usually i dont like corn but i was surprised when i tried this drink! I love the taste and the aroma :) perfectly blend
really delicious and its good for the tummy...i like it
Soy Milk at its Finest
I honestly never liked any kind of soy milk. But when I gave this a try, it rrally shocked me. It has a corn flavour which makes it extra special plus it's also nutritious and great for an on the go breakfast! Go give this a try and it will surely give you a great experience.
soy delish
super delicious corn treat drink.. its a corn and milk..and its yummy
Corn to soy
Honestly Hindi ko sure Kong bibilhin ko sya nung una Kasi parang Hindi sya masarap but I tried. And boom... Masarap pala sya kaya madalas na ako bumili nito
CornY Drink 😍
My nanay change her milk to soya milk. So i go to supermarket first i was hesitant to try the flavored soya to add on her coffee but she said she wants to adds some flavor. So many soya drink available but this one caught me. I do love corn so much so i buy one to try. The flavor is so good real corn 🌽 taste not too sweet 😉 and my new fav drink. This drink is so CORNy 😍😍😍
New favorite
At first i was hesistant to buy this product because of the flavor but the brand itself made me bought it,as expected to dutchmill this product line exceed my expectation when it come to the taste,the corn itself just have the right amount of sweetness and compliment with richness of soy milk. I will definitly try the other flavor
Corn lover here!
I tried this yesterday at nagustuhan ko sya hindi masyado matamis and good for health pa!
Something new to try
This product was first introduced to me by my niece. I love corn and soymilk so this drink is perfect for me. This drink is not so sweet. Healthy and good for the kids and adults too.
Love dutchmill... Soya drinks so much!
I love Soya drinks especially the Corn flavor of Dutchmill the best Brand for me because their drinks so yummy deliciously and tastier than the other Soya drinks also very good in our eyes this one rich a healthy and good option... In every zip! Thanks Dutchmill for this healthy option Soya corn sweet Dutchmill drinks... Love to have it!
Corn Lover
One of the best yogurt I've tasted. The flavors are exactly combined. Not too sweet for the kids. I always buy this when I see this brand on grocery stores. I love corns very much.
My kinda Soyacorn!!!
It's so nice to know that there is a sweet corned flavored soya drink. The taste is really corn and it's smooth and rich in taste. My daughter loves it so much that she was able to drink all 5 doypacks within the day. I hope you will also have it in bottled type so no need for a straw. The best part of it is that it's all natural Ang no artificial flavor.

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