2.7 5 0 18 18 These FWD-01 headphones offers wireless playtime in a design that's optimized for your workout. All the controls you need are on the knitted, tangle-free cord, and lightweight design ensures frictionless movement from warm-up to recovery.
Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray
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buenos para hacer deporte, se adaptan bien al oído.
Honestly for Adidas I thought it would turn out right being a sports athletic brand. But sadly it wasn't. Sound quality was bad and durability was not good.
Muy buen artículo, cómodo y de muy buen sonido y muy liviano, lo recomiendo para hacer ejercicio
Buen sonido, liviano y resistente. Recomendado para viajes
Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray is the best
Not the best
I personally don’t like the sound quality, nor style.
These didn’t work well for me the sound was not clear and stopped working after a month and a half
So disappointed
I was very disappointed with these headphones! The wire always got caught behind my hair, and the sound quality was horrible. I only recommend if you like your music with dry, crackily sounds.
Decent earbuds
These headphones have decent sound quality, however they do not have the best battery life and sometimes have difficulty connecting with bluetooth. I would purchase them again as long as the price wasn't high.
I just purchased these Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones and im not to impressed with them for the cost. I normally do not have a problem with ear buds falling out of my ears but these ones do... All the time.
Not so great
I thought these would be good to use doing trips to the gym, however, I spent more time trying to put these back into my ears. They don’t comfortable fit or stay in your ears, and I found the volume to be quiet.
They were ok
I got these to use while at the gym so I didn't have to worry about a wire going to my phone. It was easy to pair but never would stayed paired. Thought it was a bad one so got an exchange and same thing so just got a refund and bought a $30 pair of another brand and haven't had any issues.
The best
These are the best headphones I have ever tried the sound is incredible
Not so great
Overall sound quality is okay with these headphones. Unfortunately you will spend most of your workout trying to keep these in your ears. They need to go back to the drawing board to adjust the design so that they will stay put in your ears.
Pay too much for too little...
I was highly disappointed in these headphones. I bought them as a gift for a friend who works out all the time. They had a hard time keeping the buds in their ears and said that when they did stay in it made their ears hurt and sensitive. But they couldn't even hardly hear anything through them. Also said that in certain activities the wire would still be in the way and get caught on something pulling the buds out of their ears. After 2 times of getting caught, the wire broke inside one of the headphones. It was too much money down the drain. I could have bought a set at the dollar store and had them last longer.

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