Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray

3.9 5 0 101 101 These FWD-01 headphones offers wireless playtime in a design that's optimized for your workout. All the controls you need are on the knitted, tangle-free cord, and lightweight design ensures frictionless movement from warm-up to recovery.
Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray


just alright
I appreciate the wireless functionality, as it provides convenience during workouts and daily activities. The fit is comfortable and secure, allowing for extended wear without discomfort. However, the battery life falls short of my expectations, requiring frequent recharging. Additionally, the control buttons can be a bit finicky and require some effort to operate. Overall, these headphones deliver average performance, but they could use improvement in terms of battery life and user-friendliness.
Nice for working out
I typically have a hard time finding wireless earbuds that I know won't fall out during physical activity. These fit nicely in my ears and give me peace of mind that I won't lose them. They also have decent sound quality.
Comfortable fit
Weightless and very much appreciated and the other one is THE best of all would be the quality preference and the output is unbelievable
Great Office Headphones
I bought these to use in my office and I love them. They are comfortable and I also don't have to worry about them falling out. I love that they have a cord connecting them, which keeps them from getting lost. I just pull one out when the phone rings and I know exactly where it is. They pair with my system easily and they also do a great job of canceling out the background noise in my office as well.
I really like these headphones. They have great sound quality. They are light weight and foot the ears comfortably. They are great for working out are jogging.
Ok but could be better
These fit my ears nicely and the setup was easy. However the sound quality could be better. The design works fine if you're not moving around too much but if you're exercising or running it's really to fall out.
Good, but could use improvement
Just bought these for running. They are super comfortable, and the sound quality is great. The price was okay, a little high, but understandable in my opinion. My only issue with these is that they fall out easily.
I prefer this over earbuds because I think it's easier to use and control them. This sets pretty decent for working out and delivers a nice sound quality. Ear pieces are very comfortable compared to most.
Great Wireless Earbuds
I purchased these explicitly for my workout sessions. They provided exactly what I needed. They have great sound and wireless connectivity. I’m able to use one or both, depending on the class and need for removing one (with keeping it attached) for the instructor. During brisk or aggressive movements I’m able to keep a comfortable reliable fit, and keep the audio. Great product and highly recommended.
Lightweight, nice sound.
I would recommend these ear buds, they're lightweight, easy to use, wireless, and the sound is quite well with them as well. I find them to fit in my ear nicely and they're quite comfortable as well
Good use of it
Nice headphones they are light and very comfortable
i love these little things
These little things are great. I was really impressed with the quality of the bass. They held a lot longer charge than the more expensive earphones that i had before. would really tell anyone for the money you just cant go wrong. Posted on: 14 Aug 22
Really nice Ear buds
I've bought other earbuds without a cord and always loose one. These fit nicely, sound quality is good, charges quickly with good battery life. Unfortunately my daughter misplaced them so I'll be buying another pair
They’re ok
I really wanted to love these earphones, I like the look, the style of it and how it doesn’t have a huge cable. Unfortunately they kept slipping out of my ears.
Great Product
I love these headphones. The sound quality is great, and overall physical quality is good as well. I like that these earbuds are connected, I often lose my Bluetooth ear buds but this helps me keep track of them and keep them in my ears.

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