Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray

3.7 5 0 72 72 These FWD-01 headphones offers wireless playtime in a design that's optimized for your workout. All the controls you need are on the knitted, tangle-free cord, and lightweight design ensures frictionless movement from warm-up to recovery.
Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray


my friend got these headphones and let me borrow them to go for a run and actually they do not fall or anything. They are really loud and I would definitely buy them and I think everyone should try them.
Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray
My friend has these and I tried them. Would LOVE to try again..they stayed in my ears my entire run...amazing
Not great
I bought these hoping that I would be able to wear them around the house when doing chores or at night in bed while using my phone so I didn't bother my husband. However they are super uncomfortable and the battery doesn't last very long. Definitely won't buy again.
Flexiview Neck Mount.
Just a few lines to thank you for sending me the Flexiview Neck Mount. M67y wife is using it all the time, when she is cooking, or doing things around the house, and now her mother is wanting one, it is so easy to do things hands free
I'm surprised at how much I liked these. They come with 4 different types of sizes for any ear type which is great! It was extremely easy to connect with your phone and the quality of the sound is fantastic. They don't get tangled and you can definitely tell it was made with great care and attention. They stay snug in your ear whilst working out. I highly recommend this product!
Great for Jogging
I use these when exercising because music helps keep me going. I like the quality of the sound. They fit nicely into my ears. Bluetooth is the way I todo most of my electronics. I would definitely recommend this product.
#Adidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray #HomeTesterClub #Adidas #Earbuds Wow, I am so happy that I tried theAdidas - FWD-01 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Dark Gray. They have great sound quality and are easy to connect via bluetooth. I use them for working out, relaxing, talking on my smartphone and watching vids on my phone. I get a lot of compliments when I wear these on the bus or in public. I would really recommend these to anyone who uses earbuds.
Great headphones
I love using these when I go to the gym. It’s so convenient to have a wireless earbud whether your working out, cleaning the house or just chilling on the couch listening to music and watching YouTube videos. I love that you don’t have to have a physical cord attaching to your phone. Heck, you don’t even have to have your phone on you when listening. (Which is great, when listening to podcast while doing something else. These particular earbuds have incredible sound quality and just sound so crisp and loud without hurting your ears. I definitely recommend these headphones.
My daughter loves these headphones the sound is very clear and there light weight highly recommend
Fits well
I know that there are mixed reviews on the fit but I found these to be very comfortable. They stayed in my ears while exercising. The sound is a little tinny which is why I removed one star.
Good for what you get
Sounds good. Stays in ears okay but would not jog with them. Still comfortable after hour or two of wearing.
Sound tinny and hurt my ears...
I had these for a very short period of time and bought a different kind because these were not very good. The sound was very tinny and distorted and they really didn't stay in my ears. They are just cheaply made. Not a fan.
Adidas Wireless In-Ear Headphones!
The Adidas Wireless In-Ear Headphones offers 16 hours of wireless playtime in a sweatproof design that's optimized for my workout. These headphones are ergonomically designed earbuds and use passive transparency so I can hear my surroundings. Also, it contains all the controls I need and has lightweight, knitted, tangle-free cord, ensuring frictionless movement and unbeatable performance from warm-up, to workout, to recovery. I love it.
Not impressed
I got these in hopes they would be a good set while out walking or in the yard.. nope not impressed with the sound at all, didnt fit comfortably in my ears and the battery life was terrible.. not worth it.
Best Christmas Present
Got them from my wife for my office use. Do not slip from ear and good to hang them around the neck when not using. Love them. Would recommend to other try this any day over small earbud headphones

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