JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

4.4 5 0 306 306 Whether you’re tuned into music or taking calls, you’ve got no cords to hold you back. Just wear the JBL TUNE 125TWS earbuds to start feeling the sound, as they immediately connect to your device the instant you take them out of the case.
JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones


Love the design but not equalizer
I received this as a gift from a friend. Great audio quality, but it is limited choices for the equalizer, so it is not the best. I love the look though as great classic earbuds for my everyday hanging out
It’s good
It’s a great piece overall. Perfect for working out. Earpiece stays in you ear and it doesn’t fall out. Sound quality is really good as well. Just hope the battery life was longer but overall it’s a good earbud.
Easy pairing, intuitive recharge, great sound quality, beautiful and well finished. Battery lasts at maximum volume about 4 - 5 hours. It stayed well in my ear and even shaking my head a lot, they didn't loosen or risk falling out. The only drawback is that it is not resistant to sweat and water drops for those who like physical activity. Other than that I have no complaints.
my favorite
I absolutely love the JBL ear buds. They work so well, and they are very comfortable in my ears. great sound and easily charged.
Loose and malfunctioning
The use of bluetooth headset is truly convenient than your ordinary wired earphone. You can recharge it by placing it back on its casing. The battery also last long. The problems that I encountered by using this product is that it loosen in your ears which is very important if you don't want to lose it along the way. And also, chopped lines during a phone call.
I love everything and anything JBL if it has to do with audio. Why? Because they never disapoint. These headphones are truly Bluetooth, and the audio is nice and crisp. I would recommend these to anyone looking for quality headphones.
My wife got me them for Christmas and I used them everyday for work, working out, and great for motorcycle rides till the got washed.
Excellent quality sound but…
Good sound, good noise canceling, I use it regularly at the gym and can't hear any noise even when the left ear bud is off. Worth the price for the most part. That being said, I keep having the left side bud die quite a bit before the right one. I use them together so this has gotten quite irritating. But even with one side being out, I still can't hear the noises from the gym which many know gets quite loud. Not a 5 star product in my experience because of the left side issue, but definitely a high 4 star product when working correctly. Im just really peeved with this inconvenience. First world problems though so...
Great sound. Nice and clear. No outside noise getting through
Satisfied with these ear buds!
I do enjoy these earbuds, I have owned them for over a year. I almost always have one in my ear during the day or at night for sleep. The sound and battery life are great. Only things preventing me from giving 5 stars is that sometimes they can get uncomfortable after extended use, and I wish I could change songs and adjust volume from the ear bud. I do recommend for an affordable every day earbud that WILL last!
Amazing sound!
These Bluetooth headphones are absolutely amazing! The price of these are a complete steal. You get 1 or 2 more of the silicone ear buds and a charger too. The second quality of the headphones is just WOW.... UNBELIEVABLE! Easy to set up on your phone. If you are looking for affordable yet good Bluetooth headphones then these are the ones you need.
I love JBL, their speakers and headphones are typically great, but these were nothing to write home about. For the price they’re pretty great, I think I just expected more from these.
Great Purchase
I absolutely love these! I love all my JBL products that I own and they are all great quality and I got them all at a great price. You will not regret buying these at all so I recommend 100%!
Tried, Loved it.
BUY THEM! Great price! Held a charge for over a week and a half. Sound is great, and extremely comfortable. Highly recommend.
JBL Buds
I really enjoy these ear buds. The could use a little work but I am actually looking to purchase another pair of these. I have the black pair currently and for whatever reason, one of the buds stopped working. That's been fine because I usually wear one while I work so I can hear what's going on around me. However, there are times when I want the full effect of the buds and I want both to work. I will be purchasing another pair because of this. The only other issue I have would be that they don't fit 100% and they fall out of my ear. I'm worried I'm going to lose them.

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