Benadryl - Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs

4.7 5 0 252 252 Get allergy relief you can trust + fast congestion relief with Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs Tablets. Combining allergy relief with nasal congestion relief, Benadryl Allergy + Congestion dries runny noses and provides relief of stuffy noses so you can breathe better.
Benadryl - Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs


Benadryl Allergy Plus
The reason behind the 2 stars is because I actually ended up having an allergic reaction to this brand, now the regular pink pill Benadryl always works well, I just thought I’d give the allergy plus a try because sometimes my allergies can go haywire !
Helps tremendously
I have a beautiful dog i’m unfortunately allergic too, Taking this helps whenever I start having a flare up and I’m in love with it
Works every time!
If you are in need of a medicine over the counter that works fast, this is definitely a great choice. Perfect for anyone who is experiencing congestion, runny nose, and other allergy related symptoms. The tablets are easy to swallow and I like that I can take them during the day without feeling drowsy.
Works amazing
Benadryl is an absolute staple in any medicine cabinet. I of course use it religiously during allergy season, but I use it all year round as well.. periodically throughout the year I use it because I also have indoor Allen allergies to things like dust. In addition to that, if I'm feeling difficulty sleeping coming on I will take a Benadryl and that typically solves the problem. Lastly, occasionally my hands get itchy and they blow up like balloons it's awful. I absolutely have to take Benadryl along with the topical medication and without the Benadryl there's just no relief. Benadryl is just a tried and true godsend for a multitude of reasons. I highly recommend of course.
A medicine cabinet must
A tried a true congestion reliever. I use during allergy seasons and it always helps.
Got the Sniffles? This could Help!
Benadryl Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs are my superhero against the allergy apocalypse. These tiny tabs pack a punch, not only conquering sneezes and itchy eyes but also bravely battling congestion. It's like having a personal allergy bodyguard in my pocket. The Ultratabs dissolve faster than gossip in a small town, delivering relief at superhero speed. With these by my side, I'm not just fighting allergies; I'm winning. Say goodbye to the allergy blues – Benadryl Ultratabs are the sidekick you never knew you needed. Take as directed
I depend on benadryl for all my allergies. I find benadryl to be the best. My allergies are year round and benadryl is the only medicine that gives me the relief I need from runny nose and sneezing. It now comes with medicine for congestion to relieve my coughing and flem in my chest.
Major allergies
I have several outside and inside allergies making it impossible to escape the sniffles, coughs and sneezes unless I take at least one of these a day. Pairing with my nasal spray I'm good for nearly 24 hours. Great brand really wish I knew of my allergies earlier.
Great when allergies stuff you up
This is a great solution for when my allergies stuff me up, normal Benadryl is great for itchy skin etc. but doesn’t always solve a congested nose so this product has been a great option instead of cold medication on top of antihistamine.
Ready for Flu Season?
This staple purchase is always on hand for flu season! Stuffing head and nose. Watery eyes? Congested! Take Benadryl and feel better for hours! Not rough on your stomach and helps with rest! A must have!
Works great!
Benadryl is a staple in my med. cabinet as it always helped with my allergies. Due to severity of them, I had to buy additional product but no longer. All in one and works great. Definitely try it.
A must have!
My husband and son both suffer with seasonal allergies. We keep Benadryl on hand at all times. I was so happy when I found Benadryl - Allergy Plus Congestion Ultratabs. It helps with allergies while helping with congestion and runny nose. It’s a must have for anyone who has allergies.
Great for allergies
My family uses this when the seasonal allergies hit a high! It usually helps us get ahead of all the symptoms and feeling much better. We do only take it at night because it will knock you out but it also helps with a great night sleep!
Benadryl is a great and strong product. The recovery is really fast because I tried when I were really sick. Just try to rest because it's strong. I recommend it for sure and you will recover fast
sneaky little sleepy time
Okay as far as allergies go, this is a must. It will clear you allergies so quick. However it’s 100% a night time only or don’t drive after taking kind of otc. It will make you feel sober one minute and then full blown wasted the next. Don’t be the person to back into a tree in your own yard. Not speaking from experience.

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