Better Homes & Gardens Colson White Resin Planter 16in

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Better Homes & Gardens Colson White Resin Planter 16in


White planter
This product exceeded my expectations it wss bugger than expected and well made. I loved the white detail and there was no chipping in paint , everything was packaged perfectly , and it works amazing.
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Great planting pot!
Looks so beautiful in my living room and matches all of my current furniture perfectly. It is way bigger than I expected! 🤗🥰🥰 After trying the product out for some time, I would definitely recommend that customers buy it. :)
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Good product
One thing I liked about this product is the drain holes popped out easy and clean unlike other products. The other thing is how thick the pot is
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Beautiful and great quality - beware with dog
I loved the look of this pot! It has every making for a really nice, high quality pot but without the heaviness that is usually associated. It was easy for me to carry this, and even filling it didn't make it too difficult. My one issue is that I have a Houdini nutcase dog, who was able to jump up on the ledge and pull the pot over on herself. To the credit of the pot, it didn't break! But maybe a stabilizer in the bottom could prevent such issues.
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Beautiful Indoor Outdoor Planter
This pot is made very well. I love the punch out holes for drainage. Another win by Better Homes and Gardens! So classy!
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Display your plants in style
Such a beautiful, elegant planter. This is a large but lightweight planter that has so many possibilities. Once filled with potting soil and plants can become heavy so I’d recommend placing on a rolling plant stand if you need to be able to move easily.
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I had a large house plant I wanted to move outside and replant. Thai was perfect and looks amazing on my porch. Drain holes were just a little hard to push out BUT extremely easy with a drill.
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Colston Planter
Artful design that goes with many decors. Color blends into many backdrops. Large enough for a variety of plants.
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This was a very nice design. Would be great with any design you might be wanting for a space. The punch out holes in the bottom were very adequate for drainage. I would recommend this product to anyone.
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Love the room and color
I bought this to redo my patio! They have so many colors to choose from. I really love how big they were, which really came in handy for planting palm trees! They look amazing!
So cute!
Love this planter! It looks so cute by my window, and gets plenty of sun. It matches my apartment decour perfectly!
love it
This was bigger than expected. Its a perfect size for what i have plante
Cute but simple
I purchased this pot from Walmart a few months back. I love the simplicity, yet aesthetic appeal of it. I love that the pot isn't one I feel terrified to breat because not only is it simple and cute but it also agrees with my budget.
So cute
I love the stylish look of this plant potter. It matches my decor perfectly and the quality is awesome. I can tell that it will last a long time. Very happy.
Beautiful basket would definitely buy again

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