TRAKK Beast Deep Muscle 6 Speed 4 Head Massage Gun Rugged

4.9 5 0 50 50 Quiet glide technology, Super Silent when massaging; Powerful high- torque brushless motor, Featuring High Frequency, High Speed. 6 Speed Settings: 6 Speeds Choice for you, giving your muscles a deep massage. It is ideal for muscle recovery after exercise.
TRAKK Beast Deep Muscle 6 Speed 4 Head Massage Gun Rugged


I can run again!
I was an avid runner but as I got older I developed shin splints which made sticking to a running plan impossible. I use this on my legs after a run and there is no longer pain in my shins.
massage gun
This massage gun is awesome. It works really well after an workout.
My husband loves it
My husband works out and he uses this every day so help with pain.
Try it
Awesomest massage ever with this product. I loved how quiet it was. The color is vivid. Easy to operate with total satisfaction
Helps soothe and relax sore muscles
This massage gun does a quiet and very efficient job of deep muscle massaging. I use it when I am sore after workouts or sometimes after a long day and it helps soothe and relax painful muscles. It has 6 speed settings which can be adjusted as per need. It is a good buy for the price compared to expensive high end devices.
Awesome for recovery
I love this item, i use it all the time after playing baseball, long-distance running or lifting at the gym. It is a great way to recover and also a great way to work out those sore muscles that develop.
For me it's all about Christmas gun has come in handy so many times. It's not just for athletes or people who go to the gym, it helps people like me who has circulation problems and their legs. And anytime I have a big cramp or knot and more in my muscles it easily gets it out.
Nice Massage Gun with Good Attachments
I opted for this massage gun as it was much less expensive than the big names yet still had good reviews. It has a pretty good ergonomic feel and decent power. The attachments are nice for different methods of muscle work too. It doesn't stay charged as long as I had hoped and sometimes didn't do the trick in really sore spots as it wasn't powerful enough.
This personal massager is very convenient reliable and efficient. After a long days work this massager really gets all the knots and kinks in my back. I love the variety of colors that this comes in and the results after using it.
You want massage, you got it
A massage is all it takes to relieve muscle soreness. This has a lot of different tools to see which setting works for you. I love using it and charging stays a while.
Targeted pain relief!
This is a great massager all around, but what I love the most is the ability to target specific areas of pain (like knots or pinched nerves) and work directly on/around them. The smaller heads are great for your neck area so you can really target a specific area.
Massage your problems away!
This product was amazing for me and my wife after a long hard day of stress and hard work it's the perfect solution to rid of the sore muscles and tension to sleep good through the night.
good working
I can relax with this massager, can make
Make me feel good
I have one of these. It really helps when I finish with my therapy. It massage great and leaves my body feeling good. I would suggest this product to anybody.
The Greatest Thing Ever
I have chronic back pain & have tried everything for relief. When I tried the massage gun I swear I was in such relief. I had never came across anything that really got deep down into the muscle tissue & massaged that part that had me feeling wonderful. No pain..... I was estatic. Thank you~

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