Aveeno - Exfoliante facial nutritivo PHA Calm + Restore

4.7 5 0 124 124 Aveeno Calm + Restore Nourishing PHA Exfoliator limpia y renueva la superficie de la piel para revelar una tez renovada. Probado en piel sensible, este exfoliante suave, de una marca de cuidado de la piel recomendada por dermatólogos durante más de 70 años, tiene una fórmula no abrasiva para limpiar la suciedad, el aceite y las impurezas mientras exfolia suavemente, dejando la piel suave e hidratada.
Aveeno - Exfoliante facial nutritivo PHA Calm + Restore


Great for moms!
I’m a mom. And that means sometimes I don’t get to wash my face exactly when I want to the same time every day. So that means I usually have a small buildup of dead skin cells and an over all dullness to my complexion. I love this stuff in the morning, I feel like I’m GLOWING!
Great exfoliator.
I loved this exfoliator. I use another brand that’s much stronger in the summer when my skin gets more oily. This one is light & great for daily use without over drying. Recommend!
my beard flakes thanks you aveeno
I have dry sensitive skin and live in the north east. I looked terrible before trying this
Great brand
I love Aveeno brand. So far everything I have used, I love it. The exfoliator is so nice because my skin can be sensitive and turns red with previous exfoliator. This one doesn't make my skin red afterwards. I love it.
Gentle on skin
I really like this product. It does everything it is meant to do without being harsh on the skin. It doesn't have any harsh smells either for those who are scent sensitive. It did a really good job.
Gentle Renewal for Soothed Skin
The texture of the exfoliator is creamy and luxurious, with finely milled exfoliating particles that provide a gentle scrubbing action. Unlike some harsher physical exfoliants, the Aveeno PHA Facial Exfoliator is designed to be kind to the skin while effectively removing dead skin cells, leaving the complexion feeling soft and refreshed.
Aveeno exfoliator
This is a nice product. It’s pretty gentle for sensitive skin. This is a good exfoliation and it doesn’t hurt your skin. Price is good and these are very easily available in stores.
Another win from Aveeno!!
I have been using Aveeno face cleansers & moisturizers on & off for about 25 years, and have consistently been very impressed with the quality, especially for ita price point. Works at least as well as the higher end products, and sometimes I have even found it preferable to some due to it's light weight formulas, subtle fragrance & a wide range of skin issues it can treat. I had always used an exfoliater from Philosophy that I was very loyal to because it was so gentle on skin, but when I saw this I felt it warranted a try and boy as I surprised! It reminds me EXACTLY of the product I used to spend at least $45 a bottle for. The light, gentle scrubbers leave your face smooth & noticably brighter without the harsh raw feeling thG so often comes along with such products. I will be using this product exclusively for exfoliating from here on out!
Buying again
My face is really sensitive to other face cream products but this one has not let me down . I feel like my face looks a bit brighter after use! Gentle, not oily, and provides lasting hydration to skin. Will definitely be buying again
Aveeno is the best!
Aveeno products are the best, definitely worth the money. This lotion softens and smooths my skin. I wash my hands alot and the get dry and crack Aveeno lotion helps my hands from all that. Aveeno lotion also has a wonderful scent not to strong.. I would definitely recommend Aveeno
I love Aveeno - Calm + Restore Nourishing PHA Facial Exfoliator. It works great. It cleans and moisturizes you face. It is safe for sensitive skin and it washed away without leaving a residue.
Love anything Aveeno
It’s Brilliant, leaves skin so soft, smooth. Suffer from dry and sensitive skin and always prefer Aveeno products.
Soothing relief
This really has helped with softly exfoliated the dry and flaky skin
best exfoliator
one of the best exfoliators i have used. it is very gentle on the skin
Just buy it now!
As a person who suffers from dry, sensitive skin it's hard for me to locate products that work well with my skin. I live in the midwest and the heat during the winter dries my skin out so bad. This works wonders with my skin and I feel confident and I'm no longer embarrassed to go anywhere because my skin is finally well balanced.

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