Caudalie limpiador espumoso instantáneo Vinoclean

4.8 5 0 47 47 Un limpiador diario espumoso natural, sin jabón ni sulfato, que está repleto de antioxidantes para limpiar y suavizar suavemente el aspecto de la piel. El mismo limpiador en espuma aireado icónico que no contiene sulfatos para limpiar sin pelar la piel ahora es aún mejor porque es 97% natural, reformulado con surfactantes naturales en lugar de surfactantes sintéticos y viene en un nuevo empaque sustentable. Es adecuado incluso para las pieles más sensibles.
Caudalie limpiador espumoso instantáneo Vinoclean


Really wanted to love!
I actually got Caudalie Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser as a free (I got a 3 piece set for spending a certain amount at an all natural beauty store) product and I felt very happy because it came in full size, smelled nice, it is/was not full of all those toxins, made for sensitive skin (I have very sensitive skin), nice container and it's foamy! Even though I have sensitive skin it also tends to get congested like my sinuses do when I have an allergic reaction and it needs a gentle, but "firm" cleanser on my also aging skin. It didn't get my face totally clean after a long day. It seemed to work fine on days when my skin was in better shape, but that's just wasn't the case on most days. Other than that one problem, I adored it! I gave it to my boyfriend and he seems to like it which is great because I really didn't want it to be wasted. It deserved better than that!
Me encanta es un buen limpiador fácil me gusta como deja la textura de mi piel 👍🤩💯
Soft and clean skin
I love the entire Caudalie line. The foaming cleaner is so good. It leaves my 41 year old face so soft and clean, no issues with over drying. Plus it's like 97% all natural ingredients so your not putting anything bad on your skin while your trying to clean it.
Great cleanser!
The Caudalie foaming facial cleanser is great! It cleans your face gently clean, leaves it feeling soft and nourished. Your skin looks healthy, hydrated and really clean! I love it!
Super gentle
I love this product and Caudalie's product. This face wash is one of the many products that I love. Not only this product smells wonderful, but it is very gentle on your face. This product leaves your face feeling very refresh and light. It does not give a residue and is not hard to wash off like other leading brands. Also, you do not need alot of this product to make your face feeling nice and clean.
This is very gentle on the face and neck area . I find that is remove all makeup and oil from the skin and you don't have worry about it dry out you skin. I love this has well many others.
Product Makeover
Caudalie recently renamed and reformulated this line to be vegan, natural, sulfate free, and in sustainable packaging. Woot! The cleanser itself is a clear lotion that foams up beautifully and removes every trace of makeup and dirt. Highly recommend!
Excellent Improvement of a good product
So much more Eco Friendly, This is from their site as I could not add so much info. as easily as they do. Our cleansers had a makeover and became VINOCLEAN, a new line of eco-responsible cleansers with vegan and highly natural formulas. The same iconic airy foam cleanser, sulfate-free to cleanse without stripping skin. Now even better: Reformulated with natural surfactants instead of synthetic surfactants, and in new sustainable packaging. Vegan & suitable for even the most sensitive skin! Composed with 97% natural origin ingredients, this crystal-clear lotion transforms into a generous, airy foam to wrap the skin in softness. Its vine flower fragrance combines floral notes of rose, white wood, watermelon, violet leaves and pink peppercorn
Caudalie Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser
Caudalie Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser is gentle enough to use every day. I like all things foam, and this was no exception. I like how it cleaned my face without over drying or stripping. Of course, as with all cleansers, still need to use a good moisturizer.
On the Fence
Overall it wasn't that bad of cleanser,I don't feel as it was given me that just clean feeling compared to their other cleanser.
Great natural product
This product is great cleaning the skin without drying it out, or leaving any residue. It has a very light natural scent, so it would work well for anyone who is sensitive to fragrance.
Moisturizing and non stripping
This worked pretty well for me. I have sensitive skin and has no issues at all with using it. It’s gentle enough and non stripping. If recommended it to anyone. It is expensive though.
Clean & Fresh Face All Day
I have been using Caudelie beauty products for a few years so when I saw this recently at Sephora, I had to give it a try. At approximately $28 retail cost, some may be a little hesitant to jump in and find out if it is as good as it claims to be. First off, the foaming cleansers to me always feel nice and never leaves residue as much as some others do. Also, because I have sensitive skin, I always worry about being left with dry skin but this product went on so smooth and the scent was very light & natural and was definitely pleasing as I washed my face. This product was great and lived up to all of the claims. It’s gentle texture and refreshing feeling it left after on my face convinced me to add it to my morning routine!
Great brand
As with all of caudalie products, I have no complaints. It is a great cleanser that does not leave a sticky residue to my skin and it moisturizes well and it moisturizes well
Classic Cleanser
I love the Caudalíe Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser! It removes dirt and oil! It also gives a deep clean to unclog pores! My skin is softer and smoother! I am very impressed with how fresh and rejuvenated my skin feels!

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