4.2 5 0 31 31 Este desodorante enriquecido con aceite de semillas de cáñamo Rosa + Pimienta Negra de Schmidt es neutro en cuanto a género y está formulado para pieles sensibles. El aroma de Rosa + Pimienta Negra huele a fragantes flores rosadas mezcladas con un destello de pimienta para un vanguardista mezcal floral y dulce.
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Not for Me
I love that this product is natural. I tried all of the smells of Schmidt's natural deodorant before I called it quits. It works by preventing smell and keeps you fresh. However, for me, it created a nasty red rash every time I use it after a few days and it takes a few days to go away. I wish this product would work for me.
Lovin' all natural
I am a fan of any all-natural product. But never on deodorant because I felt like it makes my pits dark and slimy. But I'm glad that this one isn't like that. I usually prefer the one that we use way back in the PH, the crystal like deo. 😂 Because its all-natural and unscented. And this product made me realize that it's okay to use deodorant too.
So Fresh!
I tried this very one and the Rose scent one and I absolutely loved them. They both left me smelling fresh the entire day, everyday!
El mejor desodorante.
Me gusta mucho este desodorante, he comprado varios desde que lo probé, me gusta el olor y como deja mi piel. Realmente lo recomiendo ya que personalmente me ayuda combatir el sudor en exceso y el mal olor.
Smells great!
As most natural deodorant, it doesn’t last super long so not great for the gym. But smells lovely and goes on smooth with no transfer!
Love the regular angle
I just as of late got the chance to attempt this item and there were a few upsides and downsides for me. Geniuses; without an aluminum, all-regular, mind-blowing light smell, great cost. Cons; clingy, didn't function admirably on me(I don't, for the most part, have such a large number of issues either), consistently appears goopy. Other then that, I would attempt it once more. It appears as though it nearly got genuine hot and had dissolved. It never appeared to solidify up again right.
Schmidt Rose & Black Pepper Deodorant
I was very curious because i had never had a rose & black pepper anything especially deodorant but it is great for sensitive skin that I have & none sticky or greasy but does not last as long as my other deodorant
Great scent
Overall, it is a good natural deodorant. I've even tried other scents. Seems gritty when applying but applies well.
Great natural deodorant
I love this brand! It takes a bit for your pits to get used to since it’s natural but it’s so worth it once you use it for a bit!
i like this all natural brand. it works great and smells good
Love Schmidt's
I absolutely love Schmidt's deodorant. I love that it is all natural and I don't have any harsh chemicals seeping into my skin. It smells absolutely amazing and works just as good as traditional deodorant.
Love the natural aspect
I just recently got to try this product and there were some pros and cons for me. Pros; aluminum free, all natural, incredible light smell, good price. Cons; sticky, did not work well on me(I don’t usually have to many issues either), always seems goopy. Other then that, I would try it again. It seems like it almost got real hot and had melted. It never seemed to harden up again right.
I love natural
I absolutely love this product. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue and the smell of the product isn’t overweight. It is very long lasting and in my opinion works better than regular deodorant. It’s natural and aluminum free which is a plus!
The scent is amazing and leaves you dry! I have tried other Schmidt’s deodorants, too. I’m addicted. Schmidt’s is the best!!!!!
Love trying new deodarant that is natural
If you are wanting to switch to a more natural option for deoderant then this is one of the better ones. My family of 8 has tried several brands, and this is one of the best ones that we have tried so far. I like that I can get it locally at a store vs waiting on it to be shipped. I like the options of the scentys they offer as well.

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