4 5 0 52 52 Este desodorante enriquecido con aceite de semillas de cáñamo Rosa + Pimienta Negra de Schmidt es neutro en cuanto a género y está formulado para pieles sensibles. El aroma de Rosa + Pimienta Negra huele a fragantes flores rosadas mezcladas con un destello de pimienta para un vanguardista mezcal floral y dulce.
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Armpits itchy
Irritated my armpits a little bit. Made them itchy. But I have been told that’s normal for these types of deodorants. Smells great.
Don’t buy
I didn’t like this at all smells bad and doesn’t last long
Soft and gentle
It's one of my favorites its natural and doesn't have aluminum which made me my skin sensitive!! Great scent ❤️😍
All natural
I thought that it was great ! It's one of my favorites its natural and doesn't have any aluminum in it like other brands I have tried. It also smells amazing .I recommend to everyone .
Good product
I tried this product and i must say i liked it i wasnt much on the scent but i liked how long it lasted the scent i think the scent could be toned up just a little yes i would reccomed it
Natural ingredients. Smells amazing and leaves your underarm ms dry and smelling fresh. I am so happy I found this product! I will recommend it to everyone. I dont always like that it’s abrasive.
Amazing product
Amazing product that doesn't break out the skin , all natural ingredients which I absolutely love . No harsh chemicals
Love Schmidt’s!
This deoderant is amazing. I always seek out natural products, and came across this one and love it! Protects against sweat, and smells wonderful.
Its very nice it smells good and keeps me fresh all day
This products works great! It's the only one I'll use now.
Perfect Deodorant for sensitive skin!
The Schmidt Rose & Black Pepper Deodorant has natural ingredients and perfect for sensitive skin.The smell is lovely.Its not sticky or greasy but doesn’t last as long as my other deodorants.
This is a awesome product nothing beats it. Will buy again
Ive tried a few different scents from this brand and they all smell exactly like you would expect. The scent is strong but not over powering, you can smell it thru your clothes almost like a perfume. The only downside is I've noticed when its really hot outside i have to reapply mid day.
Irritated my skin
I really loved the smell of this. However after using it for a full week I noticed that my arm puts started to feel itchy. The next morning I had a rash and it was so itchy. I did really like it up until that point tho. I’m not sure if there is an ingredient that I’m allergic to or if it’s just a powerful deodorant. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.
Nice Natural but dissappointing
I was very impressed and excited to try this new, natural deodorant with hopes it would benefit my health, wellness and devotion to give natural products more attention and increase purchase choices. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the ability to provide freshness, coverage throughout the day but it lasted only a short amount of time. Application was smooth and nice but once dry, it left a unpleasant sticky, tacky effect. Very nice fragrance but results of the product is not my preference but love the idea, concept.

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