5 5 0 3 3 Unbleached stoneground flour for easy bread pudding making.
Eureka Mills Bread Pudding Easy Home Mix
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More for your buck
Being in self quarantine and to ease the boredom and have some comfort food this did the trick Reminded me of granny house on a Sunday ,
Bread of a kind
This is quick and results of it is great I would recommend this as I like quick and easy ways to bake bread.thank you for a great bread
Love this makes life easy and easy to make it as well
I know my way in the kitchen and would love to try this product.
I love cooking and baking and experimenting with new products. I can't wait to try this bread pudding. My family will just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!
I have not seen this in the shop and have not tried it out, normally make mine the old way
I've never eaten bread pudding but my mouth is watering when I see this bread putting. It looks easy and I don't think one needs a lot of ingredients to add. It makes it affordable and quick. I would love to be given an opportunity to try this product.
I have not seen this in the shop and have not tried it out
I have not seen this in the shop and have not tried it out, will look out for it
One of my favourites puddings, would love to try this
I love bread pudding. I would love to give this a try.
Wow this looks amazing... Haven't seen it in the shops yet.I will definitely love to try this for family treat day
Love bread pudding if it easy to make will buy some and try it out.
Would love to try this as my family and I loves bread pudding and easy to prepare, for us to enjoy.
Sundays is dessert days .whole family loves breadpudding.what an easy way to prepair.send me the product we will test it out

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