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Snowflake Dombolo Flour Mix
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Quick an tasty
This mix is a quick taste of home. Very easy to make and can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes. its affordable as well.
Working Moms Life made a little easy
My family loves idombolo and stew, this mixture has even made me fall in love with steamed bread..I make minis out of it...great concept and really helpful in getting almost everything ready made❤❤
Best mixture for a perfect dumpling. Ingredients measured to perfection. Dumpling becomes soft and very tasty. I love it. I recommend this to everyone who loves dumplings but always struggles to get the ingredients right.
The dombolo mix makes life easier when making a potjie, one does not have to get lost in preparing the mixture of the dombolo and meat, it makes life simpler to socialise.
Easy dombolo
The simplicity of the product is amazing. I like the fact that I don't have to work too hard to get a perfect dombolo
Dombolo mix
My number one flour mix, always on my grocery list and I make dombolo every week,easy to mix. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
Dough mix
I hate how it doesn't rise very well when you add in your extra sugar or carrots when making the dough. Great concept
I love the dombolo mix flour. Easy to prepare and does nit require a lot of things when preparing it
Dombolo flour mix for beginners
This flour still requires almost all the ingredients you would use for dombolo with normal flour but it helps with sugar control. It would be great if it had yeast in it. I would recommend for beginners that want instructions included.
The best
I love dombolo flour mix, so quick and easy I use it to make fat cakes you just add water and yeast
Best Discovery
I love all the delicacies that my gran cooks but it all takes time. Discovering this mix was a winner. It tastes the same way as my grans and I spend less time making it.
quick and easy to do
snowflake dombolo flour mix. its easy to mix with just three ingredients which are: water, instant yeast and your snowflake dombolo flour.
Lifesaver for my meal
Whenever I want to make dumbling the quickest way, this is my Go-to-product. Very quick, easy and cost effective product to use. No more long periods of making siugh from scratch.
Easy to use because it comes mixed already and very affordable
Best mixer
Iv became the best dombolo maker all thanks to snowflake

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