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Snowflake Dombolo mix
Amazing very fast and easy to use and comes of soft and fluffy, I love it and would definitely recommend you to try it. Try different flavors with it.
Dombolo flour mixture
I always struggle with making dombolo.But the dombolo flour mix made it so easy for me.Tried it and it was very easy to use with clear instructions. The dombolo came out perfect and also tasted nice.
Traditional dish made easy
Dombolo flour mix + microwave = happy family. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.
I used this product every month special on my relaxed sundays, for sunday kos
Snowflake Dombolo Flour Mix
i have tried this product so many times. you absolutely cannot get it wrong and it comes out delicious. just add water and yeast.
Dombolo flour mix better than nothing
What can I say nothing wow. Maybe its because I was taught on how to make dombolo. For someone who doesnt know its a starter or perhaps I expected more. I wanted something quick and with all ingredients and rapid rising. But I enjoyed my dombolo
I used this mix to make my dombolo and it came out perfect the first time around. it was quick easy to follow and no mess. the taste was amazing and i would recommend this to everyone.
snowflake dombolo flour mix
the product from snowflake is expensive and it does not rise as with yeast added , did not fancy this one, will still use the old fashion way to make fatcakes
Dombolo mix "kotified" me
This was a life saver. My partner loves traditional dishes and dombolo is one of his favorites, unfortunately for him I couldn't make it to save my life until I discovered this gem from snowflake. I've even made it for future mom in law, and she was impressed.
very good
its a wonderful product, very versatile and quick to use
i made a dumpling
i always sucked at getting dumplings right but with the dombolo mix it came out perfect . even managed to add some italian herbs for a little umf
ma mom is a great cook i have tasted her dombolo with this mix and dombolo being ma favourite i want to say snowfalke outdone themselves with tis mix. now its on my list everytime i do groceries
Dombolo made easy
I have always struggled with the right measurements to make idombolo so I ended up not making it at all because it never came out right but with this Snowflake dombolo mix has made life so much easier and the instructions are easy to follow. My husband and kids love the dombolo that I now make for them on a regular basis.
Fluffy Dombolo
All i can say best flour for Dombolo lovers like me & for the first time my Dombolo came out so perfectly
Life Saving Flour
No more standing for a long time trying to figure out the ingredients for Dombolo. it's just perfect and my family is proud because of the way I prepare Dombolo using this flour.

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