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Snowflake Dombolo Flour Mix
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Time saver
I took it off the shelf expecting to simply add water, however, i also needed to add a rising agent (yeast) which was kind of unexpected. I suppose its quite useful for those who aren't so great at measuring/ those who want to maximise on time? The dombolo tasted as good as made from scratch. the concept itself isn't anything to write home about in my opinion.
Convenience in a package
so easy to make, always thought dumbling was complicated to make. and the taste is amazing
This is very delicious and really easy to make. I use to buy the bread at my local supermarket and was glad to find the flour to make it myself. Only yeast and water!!
Dombolo Flour Mix
My daughter by accident put the Dombolo mix in my trolley instead of cake flour. When i got home i had no choice but to make the dombolo mix. It was amazing, awesome... not when i go to the shop I make sure there is DOMBOLO FLOUR MIX in the trolley..... Its Awesome!
Oh my word it's the best easy mix ever I didn't know how to measure when I'm making dombolo but with this mix it really helped me👌
Simply the best
Easy to use. Well measured and stress less to use. Could not ask for a better ready mix. It also does takes longer to bake tjanthe ordinary self made reciepe.
Love it!
Wow. Never ever has making vetkoek been more convenient. I love this product and don't want to eat or make any other for my family again. Really worth the try.
Great tasting dombolo I’ve had in a very long time. It reminded me of the way my late Grandma used to make it. Does not even have aftertaste.
Fluffy dumplings and steam bread
Product was easy to use and right consistency maintained. Steam bread and dumplings were easy to make and came out fluffly, with no aftertaste
Dombolo mix
I like it very much . You just add yeast and leave it to raise
Dombolo mix
It’s so easy to prepare and it saves time. It also taste delicious, no more worries about making Dombolo a traditional way
Normally I enjoy ledombolo when there's ceremonies at home eg weddings,parties etc because I couldn't make my own But since I came across this product I enjoy making it at home. The instructions are easy to follow and it tastes good.
Best in the market
I am not that good with making do bolo. But since I came across this, yeeeyyy, my dumbling is a killer. I always have it in my pantry.
Snowflake dombolo readymix
Fast and easy to make..taste like normal dombolo..my family loves n enjoyed it..i liked it because it saves time to prepare it
Best dumpling easy mix
As for me I always fumble when making a dumpling dough but when I started using this one it makes my life simple and the texture of the dumpling is very good and my family loves it

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