4,6 5 0 56 56 Trust KOO to help you make delicious meals that bring people together, because it is so yummy, lekker, mnandi kakhulu every time.
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Mixed Veggies
I bought this to add into my cottage pie and what a delight. It really gave the mince all the flavor and texture it needed. I would recommend this to be available in different vegetables and we don't like peas.
Old school goodness!
Still the same taste as I remember when my gran used to prepare it. Quick and easy, but oh so yummy 😁😁😁
It's so simple. Try it!
The KOO mixed vegetable can is so convenient to have in your home. For working mothers who don't have a lot of time to cook, you can quickly make a mixed vegetable pie or curry dish.
not curry at all
koo always makes good products but this one is not good at all.
Lovely alternative
This is a lovely alternative to the normal hot curry veg, with lovely flavours
Hmmmmm yummy
I love when my fiance uses it in our foods hmmm the taste is Devine
In Love
I use this for my curries and I love it. Family does too.
Just love KOO products. The Cape Malay Curry works well with Chicken or any stew!
I just love the koo products i bought the curry malay style vegies and my fam loved it in the curry
KOO Mix Veg Cape Malay Curry
Makes my Curry a Top one! Husband cannot get enough of my curry, he said its definitely the best I've ever made- he insulted me and complemented me at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this!
This product is great to use for someone who deosnt know how to make curries.
It's gokd
I use it to give my curry just a lekker taste aswell. Makes the pot full if you have a huge family. Part of the family
Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce
Koo Mixed Vegetable in Cape Malay Curry Sauce its makes my malay curry taste better
Lovely taste, real Cape Malay flavour and the price is right too. Thank you!
love it
i have tried many different brands of mixed veg but KOO mixed vegetable is best one i have tried it tastes absolutely amazing and curry sauce is perfect for filling pies.

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