4.8 5 0 86 86 Tickle your senses with Allen’s Mini Chocolate Raspberries, raspberry flavoured lollies covered in creamy milk chocolate. Go on, you know you can’t resist!
Allen's Bites Mini Chocolate Coated Raspberries
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These are one of my favourite lollies/chocolates. I just wish the bags were bigger! It has the right consistancy of chocolate to raspberry. No improvements needed!
You can’t get enough
Oh my god where do I start the taste so yummy chocolate melts in your mouth and what better combination raspberry and chocolate Yum
Hubby's fave!
My husband absolutely loves these! They find their way into our shopping basket far more often than they should! Expensive, but delicious. Another great addition to a grazing board.
They’ve got the right mixture of chocolate and raspberry. Would recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth
Super Delish
Who knew that chocolate and raspberries would be such a scrumptious combination. But beware these are very moreish!
So good, great combination/ratio of chocolate and raspberry. Very easy to eat a whole bag.
SO moreish!
Love these, and once you start, it's hard to stop eating them. I buy them regularly.
Raspberries and chocolate
Wonderful idea! Raspberries and chocolate go so well together. Luckily they are mini's. Love the packaging too.
Chocolate & Raspberries - perfect combination.
How can you go wrong? Beautiful raspberry jellies covered with velvety smooth chocolate. They are so delish!
Different - not sure about these though.
I love chocolate and I love raspberries, but I'm not sure that I really love the mix in these. I enjoyed them, but wasn't a lover of them. I have been told to keep them in the fridge - so I might try these again and try that.
Perfect Treat
Lasted a whole 5 minutes - for someone who’s not really a chocolate person these sure went down way too well!!
If I had to deduct a star it would be because there are not enough in the bag. Love the combination of raspberries and chocolate. These are addictive and they didn't last a day. What a treat.
Raspberries are one on my fav lollies (Allen's only) add chocolate and its heaven, they are not cheap, even when on sale, but that does not stop me buying them!
Beautiful Bites!!
I have always loved these raspberry lollies they are always a perfect creamy texture , not to hard & not too soft! And they they pair it with chocolate!! Yum Yum Yum and Yum!!!
Sweet treat
This is my dream combo. I live any red jelly Lollies and these don’t disappoint. The jelly is sweet and had a nice raspberry flavor and the chocolate is smooth and creamy. Perfect treat for the whole family.

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