4.4 5 0 11 11 Swirls of sweet blueberry pie filling and chunks of pie crust, this Blueberry Crumble ice cream delivers the best of spring with an additional 20 grams of protein in one pint. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a pint of Blueberry Crumble that’s just 360 calories per pint.
Halo Top Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream
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Easily turned icy
When kept in appropriate conditions the product is a tasty option to satisfy the sweet tooth. If it has been in the supermarket for to long I feel it's unstable and turns icy very very quickly.
Cool in summer
Omg this is so yum!!! Low calories...buy it quite a lot in Summer...would prefer a larger tub...
This is such a tasty ice cream with low calories. I am not normally a blueberry person but this is AMAZING! I just wish there is a bigger tub option because I will eat it all! Great ice cream.
great taste and low calories, win win
gorgeous tasting ice cream, low calories. We buy this a lot, recommend
I am totally obsessed with this product and flavour! I love anything that is low in calouries and taste delish and that exactly what this is!!! Definitely doesn’t miss the flavour bus! Is on the expensive side but I am happy to pay for what you get!
Such a great low cal option! who doesn't love thinking that their bad habits aren't so bad?
Berry D'Lightful
My 2 nieces absolutely loved this ice cream. Surprisingly to me as they don't usually eat berries.
So Few Calories
Great icecream for those watching calorie intake. I was expecting this to be a little watery but was actually creamy.
Yum yum in your tum
My daughter is Diabetic Type 1, we are always looking for new foods to try that don’t taste horrible, this is creamy & tastes great! Give it a try 😊👍
This dessert is nice but I found it a little too bland. The blueberry taste was soft and it doesn't have any crumble at all. On my second serve I had it will a scouo of chocolate ice cream and it was much tastier.
So good!
This was so yummy. You’d never know it was a low calorie ice cream. It tastes just like a regular ice cream. My whole family loved it
Would love to try it it’s the first time I’m seeing
Please please allow me the opportunity to taste this product it sounds absolutely delicious. Thankyou. I had to come back and say please I haven't been able to find it in shops.

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