4.1 5 0 18 18 Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in dark chocolate.
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Was so so
When i bought it noticed it was smaller block of chocolate than normal, the small pieces of maltesser in it made me think they are trying to find a way to use up leftover small pieces they have, the dark chocolate was pretty good and tasted great melting in my mouth
Taste Sensation
I love dark chocolate and put together with Maltesers, it becomes a super treat. I really enjoyed this new taste sensation. I don't think it could be improved upon. I would definitely recommend this treat.
Small but sweet
Loved this. But it was a small block and I think original Maltesers are better. Still, didn't last long!
good for me
This is a great idea, mix the good with the bad and it works fantastic. Good dark chocolate and the little devil of sweet malt. Ever so easy to eat.
Dark chocolate Malteser bar
Omg this is absolutely yummy. Unbelievable. Taste and texture.
Loved the flavour and like the dark chocolate as well as the milk chocolate
dark maltesers
YUM!!!! Smooth and crunchy...not expensive ..guaranteed to increase your waistline!
Not bad
I love the milk variety of this. The Dark one is okay. My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with dark chocolate but she isn't really into this one!
Not the best!
I wouldn’t buy it again. Dark choc is my favourite and this just didn’t do it for me!! Although, I like the milk choc malteasers blocks.
I didn't love it, but it was ok
Although I love Maltesers, I didn't love this, it was ok but not really what I expected. Not saying I wouldnt buy it again, its chocolate!!!
Maltesers teasers are pleasers
So nice and yummy to eat, not real hard nice and soft chocolate
Loved this but found it to be very addictive and wanted more of it
Not a fan
I love maltesers and i love dark chocolate but this combo just didnt work.
Maltesers..... mmmmm
While I love Maltesers, I found this block a little less appetising! Maltesers have their appeal due to the fact they are separate little delicious chocolate balls with a delictable crisp centre. The chocolate bar was a little too "hard" for my liking.
Maltesers have been a favourite treat for me and this dark chocolate malteser block is a yummy option. I still prefer the balls to the block but this option has a nice balance of dark chocolate and malt crunch.

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