4.3 5 0 33 33 Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in dark chocolate.
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Best chocolate snack
Taste and texture are good. Maltesers work well. Good balance.
This is a chocolate bar filled with maltesers and it is delicious. I love maltesers do this is a product I will buy again. I would definitely recommend this all chocolate lovers
No discernible malt flavour
Dark chocolate is my absolute favourite however it took over from the lovely malt flavours. For me i'ts back to milk Maltesers.
Delicious 😋
So I love dark chocolate and the seeing this block in the supermarket got me super excited! I can admit though I do prefer the original one Over this one, perhaps cause I'm used to it. Which is strange because I do prefer dark chocolate this block delivered on taste and texture but just couldn't outdo the original.
I'm a huge Maltesers fan and when I saw this on the shelf I knew I had to try it! Loved it still has that Maltesers taste with a touch of that dark flavour we all love.
Dark Chocolate
I loved this version of Maltesers chocolate. Dark chocolate is my favorite and when you can buy in a different version it's great.
good & crunchy
I bought this to try as the supermarket had a display of them...really good. Not too sweet but with the crunch of a malteser. Kids liked it too!
Definitely recommend
Absolutely beautiful on those nights in front of a movie or literally anything that u are doing will be definitely adding this to my shopping list from now on :)
so light, fluffy and tastes amaazing! Cannot stop eating it so i will need to go and purchase more haha
Sweet treats
Loved it, dark chocolate wasn't overwhelming or bitter, great texture and maltesers crunch
so good
tastes great, not too bitter, not too sweet plus it has the great taste of Malteasers. It does tend to crumble a bit when you're breaking it as the pieces aren't in blocks. But definitely recommend it!!
great tasting chocolate
Dark chocolate is my favourite and love maltesers so great combination.
Great taste
Love this product. Not too sweet and the crunchy bits inside are quite satisfying. The dark chocolate adds a bit of bitterness to break the sweet taste from normal chocolates. Recommended!
loved this porduct
Really nice dark chocolate with maltesers - have bought a second block!
Didn’t think Maltesers could get any better
I love maltesers but also love dark chocolate, these are perfect combination of flavours, love them

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