4.9 5 0 51 51 A chunky dip with cashews and feta, perfect with crackers.
Wattle Valley Chunky Roasted Capsicum Dip with Cashews & Feta
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Perfect for a platter
I love capsicum dip however this mix in dip is beautiful. I find once I have opened a tub, it’s gone before I know it. Lovely flavour and a great texture. Feel like your enjoying all the flavours in one.
cant stop once open ahhhhhh!
cant get enough you just keep dipping in and enjoying this. great afternoon tea break jatz and dip. so rich and delicous, taste is amazing. love this one and all their flavours.
Chucky Roasted Capsicum
Loved it, makes your platter fancy without trying and my fussy daughter even loved it. I buy one every shopping trip to have in fridge if unexpected guests drop by then end up eating it myself..
Perfect for entertaining
This delicious healthy spread is ideal to serve Visitors or to enjoy on Crackers while watching your favourite TV programme. However keep it away from the kiddies as grownups are entitled to a little Adult pleasure!
Never tasted so good
I love this with my crackers and cheese and all the ladies love this at the office. I keep this stocked at home as its off the shelves before the end of the week. I highly recommend this as its has a lovely capsicum flavor and spice that is not too overwhelming.
Love the taste
All my favourite flavours in this one product. Thank you Wattle Valley for this delicious dip. I even love the fact it is chunky. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.
so addictive
this is a must when entertaining. it is so addictive. beautiful flavour with a wonderful chunky texture. i will be stocking up for the Christmas season.
Perfect for a cheese platter or quick snack on the go. Has disappeared off my table faster than I could think multiple times. It's definitely a must try!
Roasted Capsicum Dip
I first tried this about a month ago, I was entertaining some guests and this dip was gone almost as soon as it was served! It was a massive hit everyone loved it and I’ve since purchased it multiple times. I’m a big dip fan and this went straight to the top of my list :)
Chunky dip
Very good , very tasty , very hard to stop eating until it is all gone
I love the chunky texture and the taste is delicious. I always have to buy several for parties as it never lasts long
Love it!
Amazing taste and texture and they need to make it in a bigger container!
OMG This is amazing!
This is SO nice! Love the cashew pieces. It's so nice! Gluten free too!
Great flavour
Wattle Valley chunky range is great. Their choices are good and it's always easy to find a taste to suit everyone.
Love it
Love this dip. It is full of flavour and is great with a cheese board or with cabanossi and crackers. Great for a snack or when entertaining. Even the kids eat this one so I definitely recommend it.

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