4.5 5 0 121 121 5 super grains coated in peanut butter and soft-baked for a chewy, crunchy part of your morning breakfast. With each 50g serving having 19g of whole grains, they're the perfect source of sustained energy throughout your day.
KIND® Breakfast Bar Peanut Butter
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How is this company allowed to advertise as a protein bar when you need to eat the entire box to get enough of a slow release protein to make it worth it and then watch the sugars that arent counted as fat and the carbs.
When you Kind of need a boost.
I love peanut butter and granola bars but I was always hesitant at buying Kind because of the price tag. A couple of coupons later, I am hooked. This product is unique and well worth the money spent on it.
Great on the go snack
I quite like these peanut butter bars. They taste great and is decently filling.
loved it!
I actually didn't expect to like it as much as I did. I took it as a snack, but it exceeded my expectations. I like the structure and went through the pack within few days. Not too sweet, I think would work good for kids
Good Breakfast
I had the chance to try this I found it very yummy it’s soft so if don’t have the best teeth this just falls apart in your mouth very nutritious a very good start to the day tatstes just like peanut butter
So good
These are my new favourite granola bars they are delicious and healthy which I just love
Too dense and tasteless
This is a thick bar that is dry and although you can taste the peanut butter somewhat it has no flavour other than that and seems to have pockets or bite that have no flavour.
KIND Breakfast Bars
These bars are a tasty, and convenient snack. They are a made with healthy ingredients and provide a great source of energy for a quick pick-me-up!
Good option
The taste of these bars are good - not too sugary, though not too much of a lingering aftertaste. Not something to eat literally on the go as they are a bit crumbly, but a good option to have on hand for some carb cravings.
Tasty treat
I'm a big fan of the kind bars. They are very tasty and not overly sweet. I can also understand the ingredients list, which is always a bonus to me.
Taste good
Im not fan of granola but this one is good my officemate always keep one for snack break and she let me have one.It’s tasty but I find it a little dry but overall it’s good snack.
Recommend purchase if you find yourself in a rush in the morning or hungry in the afternoon. It’s a tasty, filling snack that will keep you focused on everyday to do’s until your next meal
Tasty and convenient
This is a good quick snack and very convenient. They taste good too!
Snack time
While it was nice that it’s gluten free so I can eat it I did find the taste to be milder than I thought it would be. I would buy it again as it’s a great filling snack and is better, I find ,than traditional gronla bars.
This is a good product tasty but a bit on the expensive side. High in calories so depending on how many people you are feeding it can be a bit costly as well too costly to purchase for snacking.

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