OREO Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 13.29oz

4.7 5 0 210 210 Certified gluten free OREO cookies are filled with smooth creme and taste like the original chocolate sandwich cookie you know and adore.
OREO Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 13.29oz


Love these!
Best gluten free sandwich cookies out there! I used to love Oreos before being diagnosed with celiac, so glad I’m able to enjoy some normal treats again! Definitely recommend these!
Great for someone gluten free
I had tried these cookies a couple times, although the taste is somewhat good they did leave a weird taste in my mouth. For someone who is gluten free they would be great but for myself I prefer the original Oreos.
Gluten Free Oreo Review
Personally, I found that these gluten-free Oreos taste nothing like regular Oreos, so I did not enjoy them. It tasted a lot like coffee grounds to me, so I was not a fan of the bitter flavour. The price point is also not very affordable. Would not repurchase.
Better Texture Than Regular
I LOVE the crunch on these, and reach for them over a regular oreo when I get the chance. The flavour is spot on, but the cookie is noticeably superior. These and the thins have the best snap!
Meme bon gout
Honnêtement, oui c’est un peu plus chère mais pour les personnes intolérantes au gluten je recommande sans hésitation! Même bon goût que les biscuits Oreos régulier! Un vrai delice.
Enfin! Nous pouvons manger les OREO! Ils sont parfaits! On ne voit aucune différence avec les réguliers. Je suis tellement heureuse!
Very good!
I tried them the other day at work and honestly they tasted exactly the same as the regular oreos. They are delicious!
As someone who eats gluten free you can't tell the difference between regular oreos and these ones. So happy the have the classic oreo flavor back in my life
Was pleasantly surprised by the taste
I bought these for a guest who needs to eat gluten free. I thought that they would tasty like cardboard but they are actually quite tasty and definitely would buy them again for myself. I ended up eating the rest of pack.
Higher price but still good
I'm always skeptical about gluten-free products because they can be hit or miss. I was surprised that these gluten-free Oreos tasted exactly like the original ones! They're definitely a lot more expensive though so it's only recommended to buy them if its necessary for your diet. They taste good though so no complaints here.
The same Oreo, higher price
Was very pleasantly surprised to find that these gluten free Oreos tasted exactly the same as original Oreos. I couldn't tell a difference at all, and had I not bought them myself I really don't think I would have known the difference. It's unfortunate the price point is so different. Not sure why people who can't, shouldn't, or don't want to have gluten should have to pay several dollars more, but if ever the price on these go down, I'll be buying them on a regular basis.
Heavenly Oreos of your dreams!
These Oreos bring back childhood memories! They taste exactly how I remember them before going gluten-free. Only difference is the texture. The gluten-free version is crunchier. But if you're like me, you'll love the crunch!
Overall it's good on taste but the cream was too creamy and itchy
Great Taste
These cookies are not gritty at all like some of the gluten free options you can purchase. I have found them to be the closest to the real thing you can find.
These Oreo’s are fantastic. Haven’t eaten an Oreo cookie in over 15 years, due to being gluten free, recently tried and these were soooo good. Highly recommend to anyone who is gluten free as these cookies are amazing!

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