OREO Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 13.29oz

4.7 5 0 154 154 Certified gluten free OREO cookies are filled with smooth creme and taste like the original chocolate sandwich cookie you know and adore.
OREO Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies 13.29oz


Real thing
These gf Oreos are the real deal, taste exactly like the regular Oreos. My partner would really like to try to have them in double stuffed here in Canada but you can’t get them where we are. It’s hard enough to get your hands on these gf Oreos around here.
Tout pour plaire!
Les bons vieux biscuits OREO avec le même bon goût mais sans gluten!! Génial je peux enfin en donner à mon fils qui est intolérant au gluten !! Un petit plaisir retrouver pour la famille!
Cheesecake Bottom
I actually used these for the base of a cheesecake crust and they worked perfectly!! I wanted to make a gluten free cheesecake for a friend, and it tasted delicious, would definitely buy again!!
So freaking good!
Excellent Oreos, finally happy that all of my kids can now eat oreo cookies as a treat. I liked that it’s gluten free but had the same oreo taste that we love.
Who doesn’t love Oreo!! I’m no exceptional and loved this gluten free version which doesn’t taste less than the regular version. It’s great with a cup of hot milk
Super idée !
Vraiment contente de voir que de plus en plus de produits sont offerts sans gluten dans les épiceries. Les Oreo version sans gluten sont parfaits le même bon goût que les biscuits régulier et toujours aussi bon en duo avec un verre de lait. J'en raffole et l'emballage est super pratique.
Aucune difference !!
Le biscuit goute exactement la meme chose que le Oreo regulier! je trouve ca bien qui'il y aie des produit disponible d'aussi grande Qualite pour les gens intolerent au gluten !
There is literally no difference
My roommate is sensitive to gluten so I've been learning along with her what gluten free foods are worth buying or not. These taste just like the regular ones! Which was super great because she was pretty sad about them having gluten.
Un Oreo c'est un Oreo comme ont dit. Toujours le même bon goût depuis plusieurs années. Sans gluten pour ma part ne change pas le goût du biscuit
Close to the original
I've been gf for several years now due to an intolerance. I've tried other gf cookies of a similar nature and most are dry and crumbly. These are more crumbly than original oreos but still very good.
Actually tastes good
I bought these for my daughter who is on a GF diet and she really liked them. She has tried a lot of different GF treats and these were actually good.
Would recommend!
As someone who tries to eat gluten free due to gluten intolerance these were a game changer! Lots of gluten free options are very dry/ just generally not as good as the regular version but I could barely tell the difference between these and the non gluten free version! Definitely will purchase again
Almost the Real Deal
These aren't your average gluten free cookie. They have the same crunchy, sweet, savory balance as the original oreos. Would recommend.
Such a treat!
These are delicious. I have been gluten free since 2008, when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was skeptical that the GF version was going to taste very good but they’re EXACTLY like I remembered them being. They’re also a reasonable price for the amount of cookies that come in the package! The resealing package is a nice feature too! Will for sure buy again!
Pleasantly surprised!
My husband has had celiac disease for a few years now. The Glutino brand as our pantry staple but, these gave them a good run for their money! I personally prefer the Glutino cookie over the Oreo cookie because of how hard (and sturdy) the cookie is. My husband felt the same. The Oreo cookie broke apart easily on the first bite, leaving you with a mess. BUT the flavours are there! The filling is so smooth and creamy. It’s just a typical classic! That have been sold out for months in my area!

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