Tylenol Children's Medicine Fever & Sore Throat Pain Liquid Cherry

4.8 5 0 260 260 Children’s TYLENOL® Acetaminophen Suspension Liquid provides fast and effective relief of fever, sore throat pain, chills, and aches and pains due to colds or flu. Each 5 millilitres contains 160 milligrams of acetaminophen for relief from aches, pains, and fever. The dye-free formula is ideal for children who may be sensitive or allergic to dyes, and it is stain-free, so an accidental spill won’t ruin bedding, clothing, or furniture. Children’s TYLENOL® Acetaminophen Suspension Liquid is available in a cherry flavour and comes in a 100-millilitre bottle.
Tylenol Children's Medicine Fever & Sore Throat Pain Liquid Cherry


Works everytime
Works wonders every time. Helped my little one with fever and with teething as well.
Un atout
Tylenol est la marque que j’ai toujours chez moi pour soigner mes enfants. C’est assez efficace et ça agit vite. Il semble avoir bon goût car mes enfants l’avalent sans problème. Je le recommande
Always on hand!
Tylenol is a must when you have kids! I can always depend on it to bring my child’s fever down when she’s sick. My daughter likes the flavour and always feels better quickly when she takes it!
A Must-Have
When my little ones are sick I always reach for Tylenol to make them feel better. It helps with pain and fever so they can get a good night's sleep (and so can I). It tastes good, so it's easy to get kids to take it, which is a huge deal. It's also easy on the stomach so you're not trading one problem for another.
Always stocked for emergency
Works fast for controlling fever. A brand I trust. Super helpful for all kinds of ailments. No red dye means less chance for reactions. Find that it is helpful go have an oral syringe for administering.
Life saver
It helps my baby right away and provides relief for few hours straight
Kids Tylenol
I have 9 kids and 32 nieces and nephews and we use this alot... It is the go to product for us..
Works well
It took my sons fever down and suppressed his cough.
Bye bye fever!
My son always loves having this Tylenol as he loves the taste. It’s such a relief for him when he’s suffering from fever or any kind of pain in his body. Now that he’s over 5 I have started getting Tylenol that’s recommended for his age.
Works like a charm
Relieves all my children symptoms and helps them rest.
It does the job
It work wonderful on my kids, and they like the taste
Efficacité garantie!
Un produit super efficace pour tous les parents ayant de jeunes enfants. Mon garçon adore la saveur et ce n'est jamais un problème pour nous lorsque vient le temps de lui admnistrer ce médicament. Soulage fièvre et maux de gorge rapidement.
Children's tylenol
We use this for my child when she is feeling unwell or has a fever. It helps to lower the fever and seems to make her feel better when she take it. She doesn't mind the taste which is an added bonus.
Couldn’t live without
When my poor babies are cutting teeth and so cranky, this seems to be the magic helper!
Helpful when needed!
I believe that this is a good product for children, because it works. I was surprised that my toddler likes it, because he is the pickiest when it comes to trying new things. I would recommend because I find that it will help ease your children's pain at least for some time.

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