4,5 5 0 45 45 Une crème hydratante et énergisante spécialement conçu pour la peau des hommes et qui ne laisse pas de résidu gras.
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the product is really good and very advisable to used
I have tried this product
Its best for skin no any side effect of this product provide smoothness to skin
Simply the best!!
Doesn't get any better when it comes to Nivea products whether it be for your face and/or lips, this product rejuvenates your skin and makes a soul feel good.
Good stuff
Have started using this after another brand was no longer available, wish I'd discovered it sooner it does the job very well.
Soft skin
I use this everyday after getting out of shower ,it leaves my skin so soft and feels so clean.
Wow could not leave home without it and it's just like toothpaste cannot go a day without have further referred to my family members and they love it also.
Noticeable results within days! Actually gives you energy if you use In the morning.
My husband changed brands, because this made his skin firm, and the oilyness under control.
Review of Nivea Q10 Cream
My Husband saw this in the Men’s isle and wanted to try it. He tried it the next day and said he thought it was soothing, lightweight, and moisturizing too. You never really know how products are really going to work on each individual. He was surprised by how nice it felt on his skin, and how nice his skin felt. He now buys this regularly. Well done!!! He also felt that it really helped with the small wrinkles and really refreshed his skin. He also noticed that his skin felt firmer too. Guys don’t usually like creams and lotions, let alone using them. Lol But, he really likes this product. Shhhhhhh font tell anyone. Lol
my husband won't put anything else on his face
best cream for men He will not put any other face crema on
Bought this for my husband he seemed to like it! He is very picky so Gonna have to bye it again
best cream for skin
great product. light fragrance. Leaves skin feeling great after a shower.
Very good cream. Easy to use and appy. Highly recommended
Hubby loves it!
Years ago, my husband had a Phillips electric shaver that would dispense Nivea Cream. He was not very happy when they discontinued the little cream packs that conveniently fit inside the shaver. When I found this product on the shelf I just knew he was going to be so happy. He loves this stuff so I always make sure I have one bottle on hand.
Great for men
I bought this for my husband and he can't get enough of it. It is his new go to face cream after shaving especially and just for a face cream. He loves it!



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