4,5 5 0 73 73 Ajoutez-en un peu ou beaucoup dans la machine à laver au début du lavage et laissez son parfum durable agir pour obtenir des vêtements qui sentent la fraîcheur pendant des semaines.
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This is the first time that I tried this Fleecy. I love the smell. It made my clothes smell so fresh. The only thing I didn't like is that it doesn't have a spout inside so I found it harder to pour in the machine. I don't particularly like to pour it into the top. I would recommend this product if you want a nice fresh smell for your clothes.
Tried this when it was on sale. Found that the scent did not last long for my liking. But someone else it may be just enough for them.
Burst of Freshness
A crisp fresh aroma that leaves your clothes soft and beautifully scented all day long!
Smells fantastic
Good price, smells wonderful, very long lasting scent
Fleecy Pearls...Great Laundry Addition!!
Fleecy Pearls are amazing. I am very much a scent person, the pearls are not too strong yet a very welcoming scent. They advertise to last 5X longer and are true to that fact and others. This product is loved by our family and should be by yours, too. Thanks Fleecy for these Pearls they are yet another great laundry addition in our home!!
I love how your clothes are still smelling fresh days after you have washed and put them away
Smells so good even after I have washed and put away the fresh smell lasts. Makes me feel good knowing my clothes are going to have that fresh scent anytime I wear them .
Fleezy Pearls
I love the way fleezy pearls leaves my cloths extra soft and smelling great. Scent last weeks on my cloths. I can smell it the minuye I open my closet.
Fleecy pods
The product is great and a easy fix for my clothes , my son can't have scented soaps on his skin or any kind of parfumed things .. this makes it easy on my clothes I would recommend this product
I really like the smell of this product it gives the clothes a nice scent. So will buy it again.
Fleecy fragrance pearls
Happy with it. This is ridiculous I just said I was happy with it. Nice smell I had a coupon I tried it. The clothes smelt very nice even after being in the closet for several Weeks prwweeks
Love the lasting power
I am a scent girl and love the stsying g power if this product, love the smell of my clothes and lines , easy to use, no residue left on my towels , scent stays and is still there weeks after washing .
If you use just alittle it has just enough n it smells great
Love it
I love this the smell is awesome ! The price is great cheap !
Love the smell!
I do like it. Love the smell. Bring out more scents!



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