4 5 0 58 58 une façon à la fois facile et pratique de savourer une délicieuse recette riche en protéines en quelques instants.
STOUFFER'S Fit Bowls Bol
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Tres bon produit
C'est un produit qui donne un alternative lors que l'on n'a pas notre lunch ou on est presse. Ces saveurs sont intéressantes et le gout est très bon.
Les saveurs sont variées et les portions sont grandes. On se sent rapidement rassasié. Il y a aussi plein de nouveaux aliments à essayer. Il y a quand même plusieurs produits avec des épices ce qui peut rebuter quelques personnes. À essayer.
great idea
I love this for my family. We have been more conscious about the goodness of foods we take in. This is a meal that I never have to worry about. It tastes great and is healthfully created.
So filling, great lunch. 25 grams of protein. So tasty. Have purchased more since.
Brilliantly Flavourful!!!
This is a complete meal. I often have them when I get out of the hospital and have the confidence I can have something very easy to prepare and healthy at the same time. I highly recommend this product!
Great for a Busy Day
These fit bowls are quick and easy to make. Great not only for supper but lunch as well. There’s just enough protein and vegetables. The taste is good too.
Good balanced meal
Just the right amounted food, taste is excellent Busy schedule and still eat healthy I recommend A good portion size if you’re watching your food intake, I love that it includes veggies
Stouffers Fit Bowls
This is a great product. The taste is good and it is reasonably priced. Handy to have several of these in the freezer in case of unexpected company.
Stouffers fit bowls taste great, healthier and cheaper than take out, I keep several in the freezer so husband can have something different to eat besides soup, sanwhiches, favourites are cashew chicken, beef & broccoli and steak fajita,
A quick lunch
I bought the Chicken and Roasted Cashew bowl and took it to work for lunch. The chicken felt a little tough and the sodium levels high. Suggest a few spices could be added to increase the taste. It was very bland.
A nice meal for one
On evenings when I didn't want to cook a meal, it was easy enough to take one out of the freezer and heat it. Not a expensive price either.
Very filling and Tasty
WE tired this product, and really enjoyed it. My husband took to work for his lunch, and found it tasty and filling.
Quick & Tasty
I usually pick up at least one of these when I visit the grocery store. I especially like the Sweet & Spicy meatball version. I haven't tried them all yet, but all that I have tried, I enjoyed. Above average flavor for a frozen meal. There's a decent amount of meat and flavor throughout, and the veggies taste pretty fresh and are not mushy. Directions are pretty spot on, at least for my microwave. My only slight gripe, is that I think they should be about 50-75 cents cheaper... But I buy them anyways, because they still are tasty. :)
Food flavour
The flavour is great, much better than what I expect from typical frozen dinners
I love the flavour and it smells so good. I would love to try the other fit bowls.



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