4.5 5 0 21 21 This milk powder is India’s First Freeze Dried Raw Camel Milk Powder exclusively by Aadvik. Freeze Dried Camel Milk Powder is made by Freeze Drying process that gives you health benefits similar to Fresh and RAW Camel Milk.
Aadvik Raw Camel Milk Powder
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Camel milk is really good for health
As you all know this one is a camel milk powder & believe me this milk powder is very tasty & also good for health, congrats to the manufacturers for making this milk powder
Creamy yummy
It's too very tasty milk powder. It is suitable for coffee /tea, in preparation of sweets or even in preparation of ice cream. It is very handy at the times when milk is not in stock and guests have visited. Milk prepared with this powder is never less than any milk be it in taste , texture. It is a must try product for every individual.
i tried this product and believe me that IT IS THE REAL MILK. I want that you all try this product once and then you continue to use..... THANK YOU.....
It's awesome
It really helps us in providing nutritional milky substance and highly enriched protein..
Just buy this now
Great quality product i must say buy it once just try it once you'll never use liquid milk , tbis is the product I'm using from last 5 months and i have geted great results at great price
Good quality
I used this product for baby in my home very nice quality of this product I used product and try it to this product is really nice and quality product if you think to purchase to purchase this product
Heard many a times benifits of camel milk but never tried it. Would definitely like to give it try.
I have not use. Milk powder. Yes thisis future opetion but i dont have test because real milk is real. After milk podwer add in tea hows test of tea or coffee. Milk powder not drink me
I never tried this product but know the very well about it. It is produced in Rajasthan from camels . It has lots of health benefits with all the necessary nutrients. I would like to test this product for further bring it in my daily use. Please send the sample piece of product for testing.
I had real camel milk before but live to try this powder one can you send me this sample
mai ne is se nahi use kiya hai,,, kya aap mujhe ae product ,,, sampel de sakte hain ,,,,
This is very good product. This also help in increase height. This is easy to carry.
this is the first time iam seeing this camel milk,want to try it once just to taste it.let me have chance from your side
This is most health milk.this test was so beautiful.i ask my friend to buy this milk
I want try this product because I knew that camel milk is good for health

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