Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser

4.9 5 0 9 9 Contains 6 nutrient-rich base ingredients (Centella Asiatica, Green Tea, Hops, Calendula, Sweet Almond Oil, Holy Basil), all work hand in hand to calm irritations and improve skin texture. Besides, they also help to neutralize free radicals caused by sun and pollution exposure.
Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser


Holy grail facial wash
I started using this brand 2 years ago. That time i’m having very bad breakout. Pimples all over my face and just found out about Axis. Tried it and it healed my pimples. Took 8 months to fully recover but it’s my holy grail. It don’t make my skin dry even tho i have an oily skin. The texture is clear and little bit sticky but by one pump only it can cover my whole face. The best part is the smell of it. Very mild scent that means low fragrance that they use and it safe to our skin.
The best
Tekstur gel nya yg buat saya fall in love, kulit lebih segar
The best
Produk yg sangat best dan mmberi kesegaran di wajah saya
Pencuci muka
Sangat sesuai untuk dibawa semasa travel. Harga yang berpatutan dan tidak memounyai bahan yang membahayakan
My holy grail product
Tekstur gel nya yg buat saya fall in love, kulit lebih segar dan mmberi oksigen yg fresh utk kulit saya bila lepas cuci muka saya lebih2 lagi malam hari sblom tidur. serasi dgn kulit saya.
Super duper refreshing
My go-to cleanser whenever traveling. Does it job as it really makes my face refreshing without making it dry. Also, my skin in combi to oily type. I highly recommend everyone to try this!
Setelah sekian lama saya masih tidak percaya tentang Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser boleh membuat kulit saya sangat cantik .. malah ramai memuji kulit saya selepas dan sebelum menggunakan Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser .. dan saya sangat teruja tentang pandangan orang terhadap saya . Terima kasih home tester club kerana mengadakan produk produk terbaik seperti ini
Ive used this cleanser for a little under a year, and have not considered changing to another cleanser since. It cleans your face without leaving your skin dry afterwards, and works well after oil cleansing. Foams up really nice too.
Its very good product
It suit my skin so much.. its has very good based. thank you.

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