4.4 5 0 424 424 Revitalise and regain your inner strength with Bion® 3. This multivitamin is formulated with a unique blend of 12 vitamins, 12 minerals and 10 million TriBion Harmonis™ probiotics that work synergistically to support your body's natural immune defenses, activate your energy metabolism and maintain a healthy digestive system. Give your body the nutritional support it needs by taking one tablet of Bion 3 daily.
Bion 3
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Gentle to stomach
No uncomfortable feelings in my stomach anymore when eating multivitamins :)
Reasonable priced with multiple vitamins. I bought this to supply myself with adequate energy and nutrients that I need throughout the day as a student. It comes in one sheet of packaging so it’s convenient instead of a jar.
Great probiotic
Great probiotic product that comes with vitamins and minerals too. Hope it will improve my health condition. -Self bought
bion 3 维他命
我本身是家庭主妇兼职工作者。 所以精神上是非常疲累。 因为消耗非常大的活力,人也自然免疫力下降。当我收到来自Home tester club送出的试用装之后,我就开始尝试了。经过一个星期时间人感觉比较没那么累,接下来的两个星期吃了之后整个人也开始活力,不那么疲倦了。所以到目前为止,我也继续购买来吃,因为价格非常亲民包装又容易带出门。 所以我非常推荐各位妈妈们买来吃,不管男女都可以吃,因为我也是叫我先生开始吃了。要有健康的活力体魄,一定要吃对的维他命!

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