Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids

4.6 5 0 282 282 Your children can now experience better growth & development when they consume Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids daily. This nutritional beverage is formulated with 7-colour food ingredients, offering an optimum level of essential nutrients, making it perfect for growing kids.
Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids


assurance,healthy and full of nutrition
htcmyxkinohimitsuSK, #kinohimitsumy, #superfoodkids, it full of nutrition andvitamins which my kid didnt get enough from their daily food intake,will add 1 spoon of superfood in my younger one in her milk everyday,
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Memory Enhancer,Energy&Appetite Booster!
Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids made my kids more healthy and energetic.It definitely helped them with their studies for it showed on their class cards! They might be picky eater but I don't have to worry about that anymore. Bought 2 cans after the trial.Got 2 kids btw.😁
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Increase body immunisation,very active
I gave this Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids to my child very suitable for his body. He is very active, difficult to infected fever and greatly boost his body's immune. I really like this product.
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Taste good and nutritious
My kids love the malt and grain taste. They told me it taste like Milo. More over, after consuming Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids, i've noticed that my kids love their meals very much now. There are no more dramas during the meal time.
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Helpful,tasty&excellence product
Kinohimitsu Superfood kids is a really best supplement for kids specifically for those children going for kindergarten &pre school It helps a lot to improve their appetite as well as boost their memory level
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super good food
The product is really good. Normally child didnt take many nutrient from daily food but kinohimitsu superfood kids can give a balanced nutrient to kids.
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sedap lazat berkhasiat
kinohimitsu superfood kids sangat sedap ia meningkatkan selera makan serta berkhasiat dan membekal tenaga kepada anak saya.
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Really superfood!!
It helps to boosts immunity. My kid love it to be mix with juice #htcmyxkinohimitsuSK, #kinohimitsumy, #superfoodkids, #hometesterclubmy
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Kinohimitsu 是个非常好的产品我八岁的孙女每天都在喝、谢谢 Home Tester Club给我机会认识这个产品 #htcmyxkinohimitsuSK,#kinohimitsumy,#superfoodkid,hometesterclubmy
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The taste is good and kids like it.
On first my kid taste it, they just like it and then after one day they ask it again and again until finish out all the sample. Thanks for the sample and will plan to order it in the future. It is goods for busy mother and also for the kids that are picky on the food.
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Good product.
Good product will recommend to family and friends. #htcmyxkinohimitsuSK #kinohimitsumy #superfoodkids #hometesterclubmy
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terbaik untuk anak anda...
The 100% natural powdered supplement is formulated without any preservatives or artificial colouring and flavouring. It does not contain added sugar, and is cholesterol free as well. The fundamental of ‘Kinohimitsu Superfood Kids’ formula (multigrain and colostrum) is to promote kids’ gut health and to support their body’s innate defense system. so far i really love this product..thank you htc...
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anak i yg baru masuk tadika sangat senang sakit, terutamanya kena selsema, sejak minum ni kebarangkalian selsema dah kurang .
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good suppliment drink
Anak saya suka minuman Superfood Kids ini walaupun bau bijiran yg kuat.
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nice,tasty, healthy
nice product,tasty and my children like it..definitely will buy in future
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