MAGGI Lime Seasoning Powder

5 5 0 2 2 Natural Fresh Lime in Powder format. It has a well-rounded taste (sweetish), an aroma lasts till finish dish and gives a fresh feeling to your dish! Easy to manage and quick to prepare. Most importantly easily to store anywhere.
MAGGI Lime Seasoning Powder


good product
bagus dan sangat membantu dalam masakan MAGGI Lime Seasoning Powder. tak perlu beli buah limau bila nak masak. masukkan perisa limau ni terus siap masakan. sedap dan bau pun macam original dari air limau
Really refreshing and juicy
Refreshing and juicy lemon drink. Taste like the Knorr Lime juice powder. Easy to use, you can make drinks as well as in Tom Yam soup to boost the overall lime and sour taste. Definately recommended

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