SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

4.8 5 0 5 5 Seeing this product all over your TikTok and wondering when you can try it? It safely landed in Malaysia now! A perfect cream to use on your bum bum, legs, tummy, arms—anywhere you need a lift for positively glowing skin.
SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream


Good to use
This powerful cream is good and easy to use, it is strengthen protective barrier and support skin’s natural ceramide production. the price point is super duper good and affordable.
Unexpectedly Delicious
The texture is super rich, yet it manages to avoid that unpleasant sticky feeling. It's like a velvety treat for your skin. And that scent, it's like a warm, buttery hint of popcorn, which is oddly comforting and addictive.
Losyen yang bestt
Saya dah pakai losyen ni, best sgt2. Kulit pun wangi je bau. Cepat meresap dan bau yang tahan lama. Bau die mcm butter caramel gitu. Memang besttt sgt. Korang patut cube losyen ni
The Must-Have Body Cream
I love this product for many reasons. Firstly, there’s the scent, I saw one customer review that described it as ‘a holiday in a jar’ and I couldn’t agree more. It’s such a feel good and tantalising scent that I feel instantly uplifted when I use it. The texture is gorgeous too, super soft, creamy and rich, which is perfect for my dry patches. Given how rich it is, it’s surprising it absorbs so quickly. It also does have a subtle shimmer that personally I love, but something to bear in mind if you’re not a fan of shimmery creams.
Amazing scent
This cream is very good in terms of scent. Projection is also very good. Smells edible. I would recommend to get this as it will entice your partner. Texture of cream is also very good.

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