4.7 5 0 22 22 Buktikan umur hanyalah angka semata-mata bersama NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate yang membantu anda menentang penuaan dengan Actigenics Technology ™.
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Affordable premiums
This is one of the most effective drugstore serum i have tried so far. I like the smell, the consistency as well as its effectiveness.I could really see difference in skin texture and fine lines reduced but it takes longggg time to see the effects. I took around 2 bottles to really see the good results not as early as 7 days as it claims. Another thing, I prefer the bottle should be changed to pump bottle because it is quite troublesome to extract out the last drop of the serum.
Instant Plum
serum ni tesktur dia light sgt, fast absorb to skin.. paling best muka rasa firm je bila apply.. sangat sesuai untuk oily and combination skin..
I just new to this product and start using for a month and this serum just amazing it work wonder to my face...it make my dullness go away and get my glowing skin.i will make sure to keep this in my beauty routine.
I love this serum so much!! It helps my skin to boost, plump and feeling soft everyday !
Nutox serum
Serum ini sangat berkesan dan bagus untuk kulit combination to oily. Meresap dengan cepat dan kulit tidak berminyak selepas guna serum ini.
Nutox advanced serum
My holy grail ! Mudah meresap dan tak melekit . Muka rasa lembut dan tegang .
Serum terbaik
Nutox serum terbaik..Kulit lembut selepas menggunakannya sesuai dengan kulit saya yang sensitif.
guna nutox advance serum terasa keremajaan ku terselah..muka jadi mulus dan halus. sangat best
Recommend Serum
I had tried many type of serum. For this nutox serum i already used it about year ago. Its the choice i go after my skii routine. I just can't stop using this serum. It helping to reduce wrinkles, lines, and give brightening effect. Why used high end product if you can get better choice, better price ? :)
serum nutox best
Serum terbaik yang pernah cuba setakat ini. Anda perlu pun perlu mencuba.
love love !!
I am really impressed with the overall packaging of the products and the way the product is dispensed. It is absolutely hygienic with an easy-to-use pipette that helps to standardize the amount of products for each application. It has a very liquidy texture that absorbs into the skin in a matter of seconds and leaves the skin feeling highly hydrated without the tacky feeling. I personally enjoy fragrance in my skin care products but those who are sensitive to fragrance should note that there is fragrance added to this product. After one week, I could see that my skin texture has massively improved, fine lines around my eyes are so much less noticeable. Overall, skin feels firmer and has more plumpness to it. My skin complexion appears more even too! But I personally think the serum is best used with Nutox Night Repair, and it provides an extra layer that locks in the nutrients and repairs your skin while you sleep!
The scent is refreshing. The texture is not sticky.
Big fan
I'm on my 3rd bottle now. I love the floral scent, like a mix of jasmine and ylang ylang. Very intoxicating and exotic. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin moist and supple. It can really reduce fine lines and plump up the skin. I must admit that I do look younger than average 37yo lady. Hehe.. you should give it a try and see for yourself.
Nutox serum
I already used this for over a year. Skin feels soft and moisture after applying it, non greasy and not oily. I apply it daily at night and sometimes at day before make up. For the price its affordable.
4 star
Nutox advanced serum concentrate baik untuk meremajakan kulit ... menyegarkan dan melembutkan serta anti ageing

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