Laneige Waterbank Blue Discovery Duo Kit

4.8 5 0 19 19 非常适合旅行, 也适合新尝试Laneige的用户(您不会后悔的)。 试试这款滋养水润组合装,提供强力保湿,让您拥有格外润泽的肌肤。
Laneige Waterbank Blue Discovery Duo Kit


Laneige Waterbank Blue
Brand kegilaan saya. Nampak exclusive dan premium. Sesuai untuk kulit kering dapat melembabkan kulit wajah anda. Recommended.
Trusty Laneige Product
I've always been a huge fan for Laneige's sleeping mask series. Then tried out this product and it works just as well! It's super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling very soft and nice. Seems to be a good fit for sensitive and troubled skin too because I reach for this product every time my face breaks out and it works really well for me.
Laneige Waterbank
i have Combination skin, i feel hydrate instantly.
Lightweight But Sticky
I bought this when it was just launched due to its cute packaging and promising claims. However, the product turned out to be quite disappointing. The texture is a lightweight gel cream with oil droplets suspended in it. It gets absorbed quite well. BUT, it leaves a sticky/tacky finish on my skin whenever I am using it. I prefer the older Water Bank Gel Cream... Anyway, as much as I adore the packaging, I am not going to repurchase this.
Good quality product
The texture is light and and no fragrant. It feel very natural. I can see improvement on my dark circle eyes after 2-3 weeks usage. Overall, Laneage Waterbank is a good quality product.
Good product
This prouct is very suitable for dry skin and very friendly to pregnant woman. I m verry happy with the product result
Laneige water bank
Pernah try yang tester hari tu, terus jatuh cinta.. Skincare yg water based sesuai sgt dgn kulit sensitif mcm sy.. kulit tak nampak kering bile pkai, rase moist je
Love it!
Apa product dr leinage semua saya suka. That texture and after use tu segar. Not oily esp yg gel base. Sgt cepat serap
Water Bank
I've dry skin. very dry and thank god that I found this water bank and my dry skin is moisturized instantly!
After using these products, my skin felt moisturized and soft, and I noticed a visible improvement in the overall texture and appearance of my skin. The kit is also travel-friendly and a great way to try out Laneige's products before committing to full-size versions.
Shine and smooth skin
After applying Laneige's Water bank moisturiser, My skin feels as rejuvenated and renewed. it helps to recharge skin with water, leaving it glowing with moisture all day long.
Dewy and hydrated look skin
My skin have been dry after pregnancy. But with this line of skincare range from laneige,it's been helping with my dried skin. Now,my skin been hydrated and looking fresh.
You will never regret
I have been using the product and you will never regret the outcome. Love the texture and how it leaves your skin moist and silky. It is not oily and suitable for all types of skin.
Very recommended
I love Laneige! Everything from their line is just so good! Very hydrating, lightweight, and it feels amazing on my skin. The changed the formula the past year and although I prefer the original formula this new formula is not too bad. There is a scent, but I don't think it is too overpowering, its by preference. It doesn't bother me, so I don't mind. I highly recommend using this moisturizer in addition to their sleeping mask. Your skin will thank you!
Excellent product
I had a dry skin type.After apply this product my skin become more hydrate only cam see the difference around 5 days usage. Now, i become more confidence to hang out with my friends and some of them recognize my skin more healthier than before.I am soo happy to get the chance using this product.


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