Skinmiso Pore corset serum

3.5 5 0 5 5 专为毛孔粗大、油性肌肤而设计,该产品富含witch hazel、hijikia和green tea extracts,它能够紧缩毛孔,调节皮脂分泌并恢复肌肤水润紧致。
Skinmiso Pore corset serum


Not much
I bought this serum few years back from Althea website. Kinda pricey but I bought it anyways because I was sold reading all the good reviews and I have oily skin and large pores. However it did nothing to my skin. My skin was still oily, my pores were still visible. Just glad it didn't give me breakouts. I was halfway thru the bottle then I gave it away to my sister. She has the same skin type as me and she claimed it did wonders for her. Idk, maybe this is what they mean by YMMV (your mileage might vary). I didn't repurchase and my sister also found another good serum half the price after she finished this. Wouldn't recommend if you're on a tight budget.
Sy sedang mencari skincare penyelesaian utk masalah kulit muka sy yg ada bintik2 hitam dan lubang pori yg byk di kawasan hidung sy. Jadi sy teringin sangat hendak mencubanya. Terima kasih 😊
This is amazing and i love this product bcoz its literally close my pores
Saya masih mencari lagi produk serum yang bersesuain untuk masalah kulit muka dan saya berminat untuk mencubanya
Kawan saya guna produk ni.Saya lihat macam bagus dan saya teringin mahu cuba.


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