Numbuzin No.3 Skin Softening Serum 50ml

4.9 5 0 10 10 借助发酵成分增强皮肤的天然强度。 蕴含Estee Lauder、SK2 Pitera 护肤精华等全球畅销产品关键成分,如Galactomyces和Bifida,让您感觉肌肤如丝般柔滑。
Numbuzin No.3 Skin Softening Serum 50ml


Numbuzin Serum
Serum viral tiktok. Best apply serum ni wajah kita akan jadi glow up! Pakai secara konsisten dan akan dapat hasil yang memuaskan. Recommended!
Good. We introduece to others. Is a very good product
Good viral serum
Jumping on the TikTok trend, I tried Numbuzin No.3 Skin Softening Serum, and it lives up to the hype. This 50ml serum is a game-changer for my skincare routine. The viral sensation didn't disappoint
Happy & Satisfied
This has been on of the leading serums for 2023 and I've used 2 bottles of this already. 1) It makes your skin soft and supple 2) Gives you a little tingly feeling that seems to be exercising the skin for that youthful look 3) there's not nasty smell. Pretty neutral
Sesuai utk kulit berminyak memudarkan parut,membersih secara mendalam membaiki struktur kulit yg bermasalah
Serum yang sangat bagus untuk merawat masalah pori terbuka, parut jeragat dan jerawat. Ia bukan saja mengekalkan kelembapan malahan memberikan kesan kulit wajah menjadi semakin lembut dan tidak kelihatan kusam.
One of the best serum
This is one of the best serum I have ever tried. My skin texture and complexion had improved significantly after using this. For this big bottle, the price is on point and it can last me months. Such a great product!
Numbuzin serum 3
It has light texture that can absorb fast into the skin without feel greasy. I don’t like serum that greasy. My skin more brighter and no more pimple except hormonal pimple after period. My skin become more glowy and smoother. The price no to expensive and it very effective. It does improve my face as overall.
Numbuzin serum
Best serum ever,kulit makin cerah sekata.dah x kusam,lingkaran hitam kat mta pun dh bkurangan
Numbuzin No. 3 Softening Serum
Star ingredients are Galactomyces and Bifida which enhance the skin barrier and rejuvenate your skin. I love the subtle milky color of the serum. Surprisingly lightweight too! My go-to for the exfoliating night to soften, smooth, and nourish my skin. I love using this prior to makeup steps.


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