4.9 5 0 15 15 Centrum Kids Vitamins + Zinc Gummies Apple Flavor 60s Contains Vitamins A, B6, C,D & E + Zinc


Centrum Kids
Bought this when I saw someone recommending this online. My kids' appetite increased, and I'm now seeing changes on their immunity. Seems to me this is a good vitamin choice. Centrum Kids are commendable.
not that good taste
unlike the other brand it is very difficult to get my daughter take it unlike the other brand gummies. sad because it is more affordable. its not dry it is sticky bought it at mercury but still not to my daughter's liking.
gummies you can trust
My daughter loves the taste of it and also it gives her the protection she needs. Since Centrum is a brand that has already tested for variety of multi vitamins
Centrum Kids
Centrum Kids is a commendable choice for parents looking to supplement their child’s nutrition. It effectively addresses the nutritional needs of growing children, promoting overall health and well-being in a convenient and child-friendly form.
Masarap sya at gusto ng mga anak ko at hindi sya nakakasawa best vitamins for my kids
Best for Kids
Super enjoy ang kids to take their vitamins. No need to remind them since sila ang gustong gusto magtake nito. Greatly helps for attention in class and very active si bagets.
Spectacular centrum
Thanks centrum for helping my kids learn how to love vitamins. It is sweet and delicious that they themselves suggest and remind us to take this everyday.
good for my kids
highly recommended to sa mga mommies like me . no need pilitin painumin mga kids sila na nagkukusa . Sarap naman daw
Centrum kids apple gum
Best choice for my kids highly recommend this product excellent
Centrum Gummy Vits
It’s so yummy that even my big kids love it. 2 gummy servings per day and they are more alert and energetic. They want to have this all the time!
It helps my daughter to prevent from any illness, and it helps her to be tall.
Nice product for kids
We usually opt for another brand and my children kept on getting sick every once in a while. Bought this when I saw someone recommending this online. My kids' appetite increased, and I'm now seeing changes on their immunity. Seems to me this is a goot vitamin choice.
Best Vitamins for my kids
Good for kids ... Super tested product for my kids I love it very well ..they always want to take that vitamins ...
Vitamins for kids
Good for kids, i love to use it. I recommend this to all the mothers in the whole world
New exciting multivitamins for kiddos
My son's been taking this vitmins for a month and a half, and i would say that it's really good for the immune system, if he gets flu or cold it wouldnt last a week just a couple of days! Also sulit for the price for only 499 pesos u get 60 gummies . And also my son loves the taste!

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