Scott’s DHA Gummies Strawberry Flavor

5 5 0 16 16 Scott’s DHA Gummies with microencapsulated DHA technology locks in the DHA goodness of fish oil without the fishy taste and smell, making your child take it easily. It also contains Vitamin D which is essential for healthy growth and development of bone in children.
Scott’s DHA Gummies Strawberry Flavor


Para sa anak ko. Sana mapili bilang tester ng product na ito."
Sanay makatikim ang anak ko nito. Ang mahal kasi hindi ko maafford, pero kung mapili anak ko na maitest ito at nahiyang siya pwede ko pag ipunan maibili lang sakanya ito. Hindi na kasi sya tumaba, at base sa benefits ito ay nakakatulong din na madevelop o maimproved ang utak ng bata. Kaya sana mapili ako para sa anak ko. Salamat po.
My Baby Girl cant get enough of Scotts
My Daughter, 7 years old. really loves the scott's. everyday she would take one and will still ask for more. she thinks im giving her a candy. and for me as a mother i really love how she's so energetic and eats' more than usual. So thank you Scott's.
My child ultimate favorite DHA vitamin
My sons really loves Scotts DHA they are also taking it with Scotts Vitamin C.. They have fun taking it because its like gummy with sea creatures design.. Di pahirapan magpainum ng vitamins sa mga kids beacuse it taste really good.
They taste great and are very effective.
Gummy Yummy
Very Yummy specially Good to our Kids. Its very nice ang Effective.
A healthy child w/ a healthy mind
When I tried this for my kids, I was surprised with the effects. Made them more round yet Scott's helped improve their grades Ever since, we always have Scott's. Specially now with this pandemic.
Gummy Yummy
My Son called it Gummy yummy. This product really help me since it look like a gummy my son loves to eat it, but I make sure that he only have it once a day.
So nice...
I relly need this for my kids... Hopefully i can recieve one.. My sin doesnt want any syrup vitamins... Hopefully try and review we can recieve it thanks
I've tried the vitamins of my sisters
Well, it's yummy gummies! I've tried also the other flavors not only this one and it tastes good, everything! It's funny I triedy sister's vitamins but how can I not resist it?
Vitamins for kids
I love the idea of giving a vitamins to my kids that they like and love. It just taste like candy
Scott's gummies strawberry flavor
This is so yuuummmmyyy. Sa sobrang sarap gustong gusto nang gawing candy ng asking bulilit Ang product na ito. It's a lot of vitamins and nutrients included in it. That is why I really loved this product.
good for may kids
so far bet na bet talaga ng mga kids koto parang gusto nalang gawin candy araw araw
Gummies for your kid
My child cant wait to take 2 of these everyday. I tried it and its just like a gummy bear. No wonder why my kid liked it very much. Keep it out of reach. Children would think it’s a candy and would consume more than the required dose.
Good for kids
It is great kids love it....been using it for years
Scotts the best
Perfect for kids sspecially mah DHA na na good for brain worth it naman khit mejo pricey xa deserved ng mga anak ko to dahil kita naman at effects

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