4.2 5 0 5 5 Dermaid Tawas Unscented Powder keeps your Underarm feeling dry and feel fresh all day long. It contains Triclosan that helps inhibit development of bad odor.
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Tawas user
As a man i really tried products so i can keep my underarms dry even if im on a play (basketball) so i tried this , it fits my needs especially anti sweating
I tried this product once, it's good for perspiration and prevent rapid wetness of armpit.
it prevents from sweating an odor, no hesitation when you have lot of activities to do. Feel fresh and Clean
This is the only deodorant foot powder that serves its purpose. My feet don't smell kulob after the all day work. Maybe add another scent.
It Burns
Its good product, Body odor really comes off in my experience but notice that this not antiperspirant deo you will perspire so much like water fall maybe reason i was having odor was due to the sweat lock and clog up on my underarm pores causing it to release such unpleasant smell , notice after a week it really burns my armpit and it really hurts maybe from scrubbing my armpit from a loofa but this products burn my armpit

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