Old Spice APDO Body Spray Krakengard

5 5 0 2 2 Old Spice deodorant inhibits odor causing bacteria and is infused with the freshest scents known to man. Old Spice antiperspirant has the same odor fighting protection as deodorant, but also helps fight sweat.
Old Spice APDO Body Spray Krakengard


Love the smell
My partner really love it’s smell. No need for perfumes, this is what all he wants.
Old Spice APDO Body Spray
The body spray has a bold and masculine scent with notes of mint and cedarwood, which I found to be invigorating and refreshing. I appreciate that the scent lasted for several hours, keeping me feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. The spray is also easy to use and can be applied quickly and evenly to the body. I found that it didn't leave any sticky or greasy residue and didn't irritate my skin.

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