5 5 0 54 54 Gives yourself a softer and smoother skin after just one shower with DOVE Purely Pampering Body Wash. This Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla is kind to the skin and it deeply nourished into the surface layers of the skin.
DOVE Purely Pampering Body Wash Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla
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Critical Reviews.
The product makes my skin softier and I feel refreshing after taking a bath. But the cons is when my skin is directed to sun it feels itchy.
I love the product.
I love how it makes my skin smooth and it smells so good. When used daily, you can really feel that it works on your skin.
love it
I love this product because it leaves my skin soft n smelling really good. It's always a treat when I use dove products, I always feel refreshed and beautiful.
Silky Smooth Finish
From the scent itself,this product will give you the first impression that this is very good..and yes,it didn't fail me.Im always looking for a relaxing feeling after a hard day's work,and showerjng is the best answer for me to ease out.I teied this product and wooah,i didn't even need a lotion to moisten up my skin afterwards.Plus the smell of shea and vanilla...it's a win for me.I will surely buy again.
Dove Body Wash
I love using this body wash... It leaves my skin smooth and super mabango... I don't need to use lotion since hindi na nag dry yung skin ko.
Dove Review
I have very dry skin and this product put morster back in my skin. Now my skin is softer than ever. I liked my skin went from dry to very smooth. I would totally recommend this to others.
Consider me pampered
One of the best product i've ever tried. It smells so good and delicious. Like really, it smells so good you want to taste it, but i didn't of course. And like any dove products, it moisturizes the skin more than other brands. Totally recommended!
all Dove products are true to their claims. It gives you a nourished and soft skin like the babies. and after showering the sweet and relaxing aroma remains on your skin. i love this product.
Smell is good
This shampoo is very good so soft ang smell's good
Ang bango bango at ang lambot sa balat nitong variant ng dove na ito. Although yung bar ang gamit ko pero ito yung pinakagusto ko sa lahat. Nakakarelax yung amoy nya tsaka makinis pa sa balat.
love the scent
this product is good for all types of skin tapos maganda sa balat at normal lang yun scent nia.
Dove body wash
We’ve been using dove product since 2005, super perfect sya for sensitive skin dahil cream-based ang mga products. Of all the body wash ng dove, this is my favorite scent I like the smell of butter and what I like about it is after shower sobrang bango nya sa katawan
I’ll rate it 5 stars
It moisturizes the skin. Sobrang soft sa skin. Pinagamit ko din siya sa 7year old daughter ko.
Silky Soft Body Wash
What I like about Dove Body Wash with Shea Butter is that it leaves my skin softer and smoother. I dont have to apply lotion anymore because it has moisturizer already. And the smell is sweet.
I love dove shampoo ever seen also the soap is good all the product of dove is nice and good.dove shampoo is give u smooth and shiny hair.

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