Aquafresh Extreme Clean Multi Action Whitening

4.4 5 0 160 160 New Aquafresh® Multi Action has not only been specially formulated to give you all-around cavity protection that lasts. It comes with Sugar Acid Protection*, provided by active fluoride, to strengthen and shield teeth against sugar acid attack from everyday foods and drinks, the key cause of cavities.
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Multi Action Whitening


The best toothpaste.I use this paste everyday.
Standard toothpaste
Nothing special about this- reliable minty toothpaste that's pretty bog standard. You can't tell about any of the claims on the packaging so not miraculous effects, just a clean finish.
Love this brand
This is the brand i do prefer but will get others if not available.It got a nice refreshing taste and leaves my mouth and teeth refreshed.
Great product
Our 5 children use this toothpaste and we have had great results. We have had cleaning issues with a couple of them but since using this brand they clean their teeth properly.
Basic toothpaste. Does what it says on the tin. Good product for the price.
I do like Aquafresh
I do like this toothpaste but only buy when my usual isn't in stock its good though keeps our breath fresh and minty and keeps our teeth clean but my children complain when I do it buy it they say its too strong for them that is why I stick to the childrens toothpaste for them and adult toothpaste for myself
Shiny White
I like using this product and it leaves my teeth feeling smooth, whiter and my breath fresh. I like that it is a toothpaste that does multiple things.
Does the job
Can’t give this any less than 5 stars as it does the job so can’t complain. Taste isn’t overpowering and leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh.
Excellent tooth past
Very good - I'm happy with the results and the overall feel of my teeth after brushing
Great taste
I like this toothpaste it’s a firm favourite in our house not to over powering and does the job!
Great Fresh mouth feeling
Used a tube of this to try it out over a period of about 6-8 weeks. Nice fresh mouth feeling but cant say that it whitened my teeth at all.
Such a great toothpaste taste nice and was a good price when buying it.
Great highly recommended product
It taste really refreshing. I feel that my teeth are deep cleaned it's one of my favourite toothpastes
Gets teeth clean
I like the minty taste of this toothpaste but I have to say that it didn’t get my teeth any whiter. It just did what any run of the mill toothpaste does which is get them clean and my breath smelling minty
Classic toothpaste taste
I wish the bigger brands would consider toning down the strong minty taste of their toothpastes, as well as try to formulate the product without SLS. This product gives otherwise a fresh, clean feel.

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