Aquafresh Extreme Clean Multi Action Whitening

4.4 5 0 181 181 New Aquafresh® Multi Action has not only been specially formulated to give you all-around cavity protection that lasts. It comes with Sugar Acid Protection*, provided by active fluoride, to strengthen and shield teeth against sugar acid attack from everyday foods and drinks, the key cause of cavities.
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Multi Action Whitening


Strawberry aqua fresh
Great for kids my child has autism and will only use this 1
Different titles.....same cleaning
I bought this as it was on special offer. I think that the cleaning results are the same whatever the claims on the packet.
Aqua fresh extreme
This is a really good toothpaste the aqua fresh extreme clean multi action whitening is a great buy and really great value for your money
Always rated aqua fresh. Fresh, minty and mouth feels super clean after!
Love aqua fresh
Really nice toothpaste strong taste and feels really fresh in your mouth after brushing. Good price too
I use aqua fresh it leaves your mouth feeling minty and refreshed. It's only 1 pound it's a great buy a nice toothpaste.
This is good
This is the best tasting toothpaste and leaves mouth so clean and fresh
A burst of freshness
This toothpaste stands out for its powerful refreshing and invigorating experience, leaving the mouth feeling clean and minty.
3 stripes but 4 stars
The nostalgic 3 striped Aquafresh has a fresh taste which is actually a little strong with the aftertaste but overall leaves the teeth feeling as clean as other more expensive toothpastes and with lower end price.
Minty fresh
Great toothpaste that leaves my mouth feeling very fresh and clean. Usually on good offers to get them too.
Fine toothpaste
Cheap, all-rounder. My husband uses it but it makes my lips peel so I don't. I don't find it gives a 'fresh breath' feel for long.
Good one
This toothpaste is my fam’s favourite one, fresh and minty. I repurchased this one at least 5 times.
Great price
Perfect price for your big standard toothpaste. Leaves teeth feeling super clean and fresh
The Aquafresh toothpaste leaves your teeth feeling fresh as it’s a minty taste. It whitens your teeth. The smell and taste isn’t too strong or overpowering so it is suitable for the full family.
leaves mouth feeling fresh
a fresh tasting toothpaste leaves mouth feeling fresh and clean suitable for all the family

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