4.7 5 0 66 66 Aquafresh Advance toothpaste is specially designed by dental experts for children 9-12 years to provide expert protection for new permanent teeth whilst being gentle on vulnerable enamel. 24h Sugar Acid Protection provided by Fluoride. Limit sugary snacks between meals and also brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste. Mint boost, Fluoride 1450 ppm, 24h sugar acid protection, Freshens breath & cool taste
Aquafresh Advance 9-12 Years Kids Toothpaste
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Nice mild flavour - perfect for children
My daughter dislikes strong tasting toothpaste, but find this just right due to it's mild, minty flavour. It leaves her teeth lovely and clean too.
I always get this for my twin boys who are 8 they love it says it makes their teeth feel smooth and keeps their breath fresh
Good value
My daughter loves this, milder mint than other products she has tried, no gritty leftovers and a nice fresh breath after using, good value for money, hopefully it will be available in a pump dispenser soon.
Not to minty
Price is great and my kid said its not to minty some other tooth pastes are far to minty for kids mouths this one is just right. Fresh breath and clean teeth happy kids what more can you want from a product. I'm happy with this and that its helping maintain my childs teeth healthy and white.
Thumbs up from my 10 year old
We have used the child’s aqua fresh range since starting to brush our children’s teeth, they have always been a hit with both of my children and the 9-12 Advance version is great. My 10 year old brushes twice daily with this, never once complaining that it is too minty! Thumbs up from him!
great product
my son has been using it and loves it and tastes great.
My 10 year old loves it.
Nice toothpaste.. Great taste according to my son. Isn't too strong or burny for him as some toothpastes are. Cleans teeth and leaves a nice fresh feeling in mouth
Fab for kids
My older children use this twice a day and say the taste is great and it cleans well and effectively.
Nice taste
This isn't as strong as adult toothpaste. Dosnt burn kids youngest tounges.
My 8 year old loves it
Really struggled with getting my 8 year old to brush his teeth as he hated the minty taste and said it was too strong and burnt his mouth etc. Never had this with any of my others who are older but bought this thinking it wouldn’t be as strong and might negate some of the tantrums around bedtime. Anyway bought it he loves it says it’s much nicer doesn’t burn his mouth and now will brush his teeth without a fuss!
The kids will only use this.
Two boys 10 and 8, eight year old hates mint. We had to get him to use strawberry or other types usually supermarket own brands. However he will use this, and they don't like anything else now. The three stripes is also good to ensure they have brushed properly. The other premium brands kids toothpaste seems much stronger in taste. Well that's what ours say any way.
Very good for kids
Very good for children. Not to strong and good package
Great buy
My son doesn't like the strong minty taste of toothpaste and this is brilliant. He gets to have his own (isn't baby toothpaste) which doesn't make his eyes water.
My daughters like this product as they say its not too minty. My son, who is very fussy about Toothpaste, still finds it too strong.
Great for kids
Great product. nice taste, my son will only use this toothpast all time

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