3.8 5 0 22 22 New Corsodyl Complete Protection brings together the expertise behind our advanced gum toothpaste with all you need to help keep your teeth strong. It gives you 8 benefits for healthier gums and stronger teeth.
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Very good
I first came to know this company from my dentist recommendation and thought it's not as rich as other toothpastes with taste this is what i like about it. It gives more for the teeth to stay clean rather than to much of taste. Brilliant to avoid everywhere sweetness :) even mint have its own sweetness. It be good for everyone trying out to find different toothpaste among others.
My Dentist Recommended Corsodyl
On my last check up, my dentist recommended I use this toothpaste. It is good but I find it very thick. Unless the toothpaste I've used for years was very watery of course!. Corsodyl does the job. My mouth feels fresh after each brush.
great results
My dentist recommended this and the results have been great.
Corsodoyl toothpaste
I was recently told by my dentist to try this product after having teeth out , it got infected gums back to normal but I didn’t like the taste very much and was a bit more than I’d normally spend.
Not great
Tried this it's okay but no better than the cheaper brands.
Chalky taste
Didn't like the overall product I have sensitive teeth made no difference
Nice clean teeth
I used this for a change from my usual toothpaste. It's left my teeth and indeed my whole mouth feeling clean and fresh. Not sure about the flavour so much as other brands seem to been rather more minty and foam up quicker. I just rinsed with mouthwash for the minty zap im used to. Not at all bad though.
Not bad
Brought this toothpaste because of bleeding gum but did not help much, left fresh breath and teeth clean.
Good all round healthy teeth and gums with fresh breath
Lovely product good for use im very happy i try recomented to my friend
Really pleased with the quick response gums had to using this. Only drawback is leaves a residue on teeth & mouth even after rinsing. Expensive but well worth it in my opinion.
Corsody protection toothpaste
Corsody extra fresh complete protection toothpaste helped me a lot I used it when my gums where all ways bleeding as well as the mouthwash cleared it right up still use it and my gums don't bleed no more
Healthy gums
I use corsodyl every day. I have to say the initial taste is not nice but after using it for a few days the taste becomes mint!! I have to say it has worked wonders for my bleeding gums and the freshness of my breath fantastic. The only thing I would change is the initial taste but I presume its made that way for a reason.
Not impressed
Doesn't work like the mouthwash.very gritty,not a very good taste and expensive
Fantastic product - finally helped with my bleeding gums

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