4 5 0 126 126 New Corsodyl Complete Protection brings together the expertise behind our advanced gum toothpaste with all you need to help keep your teeth strong. It gives you 8 benefits for healthier gums and stronger teeth.
Corsodyl Extra Fresh Complete Protection Toothpaste 75ml
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I have sensitive gums, from the time when I started using a corosodyl toothpaste I don’t have any problems. “Taste” is not great but do the job which is most important for me.
Works well
This stops gum bleeding fast , within a week I had no more bleeding. My mouth on a whole felt much healthier. Once you get used to the revolting taste ( takes a good 10 days ) it becomes bareable and pleasant. But it really is a punishment at first to use it, but the benefits out weigh the negative taste
why does it taste so revolting all the other ones are
nice & fresh
i bought this product for my daughter to help protect her gums, highly recommended, well worth the money, i have also started using it and my mouth and teeth feel great and would recommend greatly.
Teeth and gum protection
I got this to help my gums, it does taste rather horrible, but, after a few uses, you sort of adapt to the flavour. Also a few uses, you notice, it does start to help your gums.
corsodyl toothpaste
a friend recommended this to me as i use the mouthwash ,combined with the mouthwash leaves you teeth and mouth very clean and freah feeling ,not hard flavours like some toothpaste ,
Very strong
Although this toothpaste did stop my gums bleeding - it tasted so strong I felt like I was punishing myself !
Tooth paste
I bought this toothpaste as I had sore irritated gums oh which I started panicking as they bled every bow and again. This tooth paste honestly sorted it right out. Doesn't help with sensitivity I found though. I do recommend.
Implant inflamation control
Used this while undergoing implant dentistry. Helped keep my mouth fresh and healthy. Recommended by dentists for additional protection. Taste not bad either.
Like it
The taste is a little weird but overall it is a very good toothpaste. It helps me with bleeding gums.
The corsodyl toothpaste is the best for gum disease. I use this toothpaste twice a day and the results are outstanding. My gums no longer bleed so easily and it leaves my mouth feeling very fresh and my teeth looking whiter.
squeaky clean
so I had an accident and lost a tooth which went rotten as didn't get it sorted so I ended up with gums bleeding and bad breath I have never used a toothpaste that I brush me teeth with at night and when I woke in the morning my mouth still been strongly fresh I could still taste the pace and my teeth was actually squeaky clean which uses thought was just a saying I would strongly recommend this product however not for teenagers or people who don't have any oral problems it didn't clear my gym disease up but it did stop it getting any worse and the bleeding wasn't as much as well it is very expensive compared to other toothpastes on the market that are great as well but it just depends on ur budgets I think anything is worth having a clean fresh healthy mouth as before this my confidence was shot I hated speaking directly to peoples faces in case they smelt my breath give it a go and if you like it love it then I'd recommend when it's on offer sumtimes with mouthwash grab a bulk buy
When I was pregnant, my teeth turned out to be a toothpaste after a few days and my gums felt relieved, and I felt a smile on my face from that moment on, I was with me all the time. recommend
I absolutely can’t rate this toothpaste enough. I am suffering from a gum infection just now and my gums were bleeding badly and bad breath. Been using the product for 2 days now twice daily and the bleeding has stopped and teeth haven’t felt so clean in my life!
I love the overall freshness of this product . Leaves my mouth feeling completely clean . A freshness that last all day.

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