5 5 0 13 13 Welcome to Scent-sationally nourished and protected hair. Bonus: 48h scent-sational fragrance thanks to the formula of Aussie's Scent-sational Conditioning Mist Protect. Like a knight in a shinny armor to protect her stressed locks from unpleasant break-ups, heat styling, pollution, any other devil threats. -Welcome to Scent-sationally nourished and protected hair -Touch-activated scented conditioning mist that releases gorgeous fragrance -Bonus: 48h scent-sational fragrance -With Australian Macadamia Nut Oil -“There's more to life than hair, but it's a good place to start“ The Aussie Philosophy
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Smells lush
Love this product, does exactly what it says, hair feels great afterwards and smells great too
Highly recommend
I loved this and I have quite dry thick hair. It smells lovely too
Best product ever! Perfect for damaged hair and for girls who straighten their hair often
My hair smelt great and was soft and shiny, no greasy residue at all.
soft silky mist , light as air
This was a very light beautifully scented mist that left my hair soft and silky to touch, very shiny looking.
Smells great
Made my hair feel soft and smelt lovely definitely worth the money
Five star
Excellent I was having alot of problems with my hair being dry and brittle and just not in good condition since changing to Aussie product's Iam very happy I would definitely recommend this to other
Smells amazing
This product smells so good and helps to keep your hair smelling amazing for hours. It also conditions your hair which is super useful for me as my hair is so dry, definitely a must have product.
Tried it one time and had to incorporate it into my regular hair care routine. It is a must have, simple, and affordable product. Hair care just got more glorious.
very good
i dont just like this i love it it has got my hair from a dry mess to super conditioned love it
Wow I can believe but it's works. I love this product and recommended to all
I’ve not tried this product but would love to give it a go
Sounds lovely would love to try this product as my hair needs a little bit of help menopausal does not help it is now dry and fizzy with split ends any help would be greatly appreciated.💟

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