4.8 5 0 200 200 BAKERS® Sizzlers® are delicious chewy rashers with an irresistible bacon flavour, that not only taste great, but also contain specific nutrients to help keep your dog healthy too!
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My puppies favourite
These are brilliant value for money the treats are a good size. My puppy struggles with upset stomachs a lot but he has been great with these he loves them.
Bakers sizzlers maxi k9 185g
I have 4 dogs & have tried MANY treats. Firstly the packaging is distinct & eye catching & easy to open & re-close, it also has fairly clearly visible nutritional information on the back of the packet which is extremely important to me. The individual treats are heavily scented so will grab ANY dogs attention, they are of a nice soft , easily digestible texture, although i dont know if they would be the best choice of treat for the doggies with no teeth, the individual trears are fairly small so it would be easy to go overboard with the quantity you gjvd your dog, I think there should be a larger CLEAR sign with the recommended daily intake for a dog, these treats are reasonsble priced , if not at the higher end , but they are of decent quality, I wouldnt buy them religiously BUT if I spot them while shopping ill definately pick them up again.
Bacon dog treats
I haven't tried them my dog had. They smell nice. Dog likes them not over keen on them.
Charlie my dogs favourite
Out of all the treats my ten year old Labrador has had over the years these have been he’s favourite. He is so happy to get one. Totally recommend for other dogs
Dog's fave snacks!
These smell pretty tasty and my dog loves these snacks! Bakers dog snacks are the best in my opinion. Very affordable, which means my dog can enjoy these, along with other Bakers snacks every day :)
Not the healthiest but my dog enjoys them as a treat!
These aren’t the greatest of ingredients but as an occasional treat my dog goes crazy for them! They smell really like bacon it’s tempting for even me 😂. I wouldn’t feed him them to regularly but a few times a month is ok 😊 he does really love these 😆
Dog treats
My dogs love these, and for 1.50 in home bargains there am absolute bargain! The smell is strong bacon and the pack comes packed with the treats too , well worth buying for your little friend
My dog love his Little treat. Smell nice and I am sure my dog it is getting something with good ingrediance.
Backers chews
My dog loved them although they were very smelly and she must have liked them a lot as she got into the cupboard and ate a whole bag after unwrapping them 😂
My fur babies love them
Although they absolutely stink, the dogs love them.. but to be fair, they love any sort of treat. I do get concerned re the amount of fat in them though... but the dogs do enjoy them
a firm favourite
Our English Springer Spaniel is quite fussy on his treats. We've tried him with lots of varieties and alot of them he can take them or leave them but he absolutely loves these 'Bakers - bacon sizzlers'. I cant get them out of the shopping bag without his nose already in the bag, sniffing them out whilst his tail is wagging wildly. They are definitely a firm favourite with our furbaby.
Backers beef strips
Mollie loved it so much she ate the contents of a whole unopened packet while we were out that was after trying one !!
Bakers sizzlers
I purchased these for my border terrier Poppy who could sniff them in the bag before I even harp time to unpack. There great as a treat and great at training puppy’s as my dog would do anything for them They must smell great as she can sniff them out from anywhere. And they must taste great too as it doesn’t take her long to eat it.
Dogs love them
I have 6 dogs and all my dogs love these as soon as they see the packet they all get so excited
dog loves them
good amount in bag,family dog loves them and one bag lasted a while,also good price,will be buying them again

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