4.8 5 0 358 358 BAKERS® Sizzlers® are delicious chewy rashers with an irresistible bacon flavour, that not only taste great, but also contain specific nutrients to help keep your dog healthy too!
Bakers Sizzlers Maxi Bacon 185g
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Yummy dog treat
Dixie goes mad for these treats...even hunting the packet out when i bring them home in the shopping.
My dog goes crazy for these treats!!! So much so I have to hide them when I do the shopping
Bacon yumminess
Our Akita goes crazy over these- transforms him into such an obedient doggy, he will literally do handstands to get one of these treats
The dog gives approval
So if my dog could talk I think he would say how much he enjoys them as a treat. They do smell but if you like bacon then there’s no problem. They are good as there not straight so takes him a little longer to chew and the packaging has a seal on it keeping them fresh.
The best!
These are my dog's all time favourite treat- just have to say "sizzlers" and she's jumping up ready for a treat! I love that the curled shape of these treats mean my dog can't wolf them down in one go as well.
My little Shih Tzu absolutely loves these! They are one of her favourite treats! The only downside of these is that they smell! But would highly recommend to anyone to try these on their doggies!
Happy doggy
My dog Dalia absolutely love these dog treats ... I buy her these every week ... shame you don’t get more in the pack but will always get them for her .. Dalia is fussy with want she eats but she likes these they got to be in her top 5 treats .. Highly recommended
Yummy treat
My dog loved these treat nice soft meaty treat. They were really fresh and can easily be divided into smaller pieces so could be given as rewards when out walking. Would highly recommend these.
Nice meaty treat
My dog really liked these when I bought her some to try. Seem to have a really meaty texture which she loved.
Lottie and Sandy love these.As soon as I say sizzlers they are here like a shot.Bakers treats dont upset their tummies like a lot of other treats. Bakers are the best!
Never found a dog who doesn't love these
Truthfully these stink but it's a good stink and my fussy dogs absolutely love them. Mabel cannot be bribed with any food but for these she will actually sit and even stay which when we are in the middle of a field surrounded by other dogs and she's charging around like a total loon is a really big deal, this dog was perfect at puppy training but left me crying in the middle of a field at 10pm trying desperately to get her to come back with a trainer using every trick he knew to no avail!! My Pom Bella will literally turn cartwheels the second I open the bag so finding something that they both like is a huge bonus. I've never come acoss a dog yet who doesn't love them and I can't recommend them enough.
Strong smell
My dog absolutely loves these! Shame there isn’t many in the pack. Very strong smelling. However, will be buying them again!
Tasty 😋
My boy ‘Rufus’ loves these.. I have to admit, they smell like the real thing too! The downside is they don’t last very long & only come in one size pack
2 happy dogs
My 2 dogs loved these. The overall size is good and I didn't feel I had to give them 2. The packet it well designed and keeps them fresh. They have a very strong smell which I'm sure dogs love. We will definitely be buying again
My dogs are happy
I have two dogs one lab and one border collie. I had a sample of these treats and my dogs love them. They are a definite new add to the shopping now. They are a great treat to get my dogs to sit and listen.

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