4.7 5 0 135 135 Vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl (11%) and caramelised pecan nuts (7%). Obsessions collection. Triple sensations. Gluten-free.
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My favourite ice cream ever.
This ice cream is my favourite. So sweet and creamy. Then the little finds of the praline give it just enough texture. I just wish they made it in bigger tubs.
Delight on a spoon
This is one of my favourite things to eat when watching rubbish tv and little people are in bed Divine
There’s never enough!
It’s delicious and creamy, with pralines giving it texture and crunch. It’s a handy size to keep in the freezer and if you accidentally eat it all you don’t feel too guilty.
Great taste and SOOO creamy!
I love this taste! I buy only when this ice-cream on sale, because its too expensive, but its very tasty! I love texture and how full of taste is it. Also this ice-cream so creamy, what most important for me!
Made with real cream this ice-cream is up there with the best! It is at a premium price however it is a premium ice-cream (you get what you pay for in my opinion). This particular flavour has it all for me, the nutty praline is a stunning combination. I'd suggest leaving it out of the freezer for 5 minutes to get the fullest flavour. well worth a try. (look out for promotional packs to keep the cost down)
Peace of heaven.. just can’t get enough of it. Highly recommended to all.. very unique Flavour.
Pure luxury
This is my favourite ice cream ever. It is the perfect flavour, not too sweet, and with a lovely crunch from the nuts. I particularly love the caramel swirl throughout.
This icecream is gorgeous ,so smooth and creamy lots of lovely pralines ,gorgeous caramel flavour ,feels like a high end expensive iceceam and tastes like one also, would buy again and again
Great tasting
This is my favourite flavour. A good balance of crunchy and sweet as a nice treat. Smooth ice cream with a light flavour.
My Favorite
This is one of my favorites, the flavor is just amazing! It’s the perfect combination altogether.
Absolute heaven
The has to be my favourite ice cream ever, so luxuriousand creamy. It's my little piece of heaven in a tub. There are no possible improvements to this delightful desert I would recommend buying a few tubs as it is seriously addictive.
I love this flavour it's so so moreish You can't just have Ken scoop, it just makes you so happy the sweetness with the added crunch of the nuts is pure heaven mmmmm
This is such a luxurious thick ice cream! It’s more on the expensive side so I would probably re-buy as a treat, but none the less it’s a delicious ice cream, really creamy’
Hagan daaz
Hagen daaz is the best of all the premium ice creams in my opinion. Praline and cream is my absolute favourite. I would highly recommend it if your looking to treat yourself
Creamy and delicious
Absolutely love this ice cream! I can easily eat a whole tub to myself whilst watching a film. Very creamy and smooth. Quality ice cream and quality flavour. Always my go-to in the shops.

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