4.8 5 0 208 208 Vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl (11%) and caramelised pecan nuts (7%). Obsessions collection. Triple sensations. Gluten-free.
Häagen-Dazs Pralines & Cream
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normal haagen daz standard
never tried other pralines ice cream so cant compare but weaker than normal nutty ice cream and a bit too sweet
Great product
Häagen-Dazs Pralines & Cream is a delicious vanilla ice cream with caramel swirl and caramelised pecan nuts. It is gluten free, and the package is recyclable. I recommend trying the ice cream
Best flavour yet
This is Haagen-Dazs' best ice-cream flavour yet! I absolutely love the balance of cream, caramel and praline. I'll be buying this one all year round it's that good. Would definitely recommend a taste!
Really good with other desserts
I don't think the flavour is complex or interesting enough to have on its own for me, however as a side to cake or another dessert, it is lovely. If you are into more milder and subtle tasting ice cream, this is for you.
favourite ice cream
This is my favourite ice cream. Really tasty. I recommend.
A family favourite
My husband picked this up for me for a date night, and it was just the perfect dessert. So creamy, and the little nuggets of praline add a real element of crunch. Great texture, great flavour.
Love love love
The taste of this is amazing. Creamy icecream and indulgent praline.
One of my favourite ice cream
Ohh this is my favourite ice cream. This is the only ice cream I can finish whole pack in one go without stopping a bit soo yummy specially when take a bite with pecan nut ohh it tastes soooooo good💚💚
What a treat!
Bought this on offer the other day and it was soooooooo yummy, really nice, creamy, sweet and crunchy, think this is my new favourite flavour by HD, would definitely have it again
I absolutely love this ice cream it's one of my favourites it's got lovely crunchy caramelized pecans in and swirls of caramel sauce in a creamy ice cream I promise if u try it you will no put the tub down till it's all gone yummy
Tasty treat
Really tasty. By far the best brand of ice cream! Love it. It is a bit expensive but defo worth a treat :)
The best taste
I usually buy cheaper ice creams but this time Haagen-Dazs was on offer so I decided to try it. It's probably the best ice cream I ever had. I'll buy it again soon and hopefully it will be on offer again
This is absolutely delicious! The ice cream has the right mix of creaminess and sweetness and is very moreish!! I could happily eat the whole tub! The pralines are amazing...they have a sugary coating and taste amazing, there is also small caramel swirls through the ice cream. Definitely recommend...although quite happy if you leave it all for me! 😉 It is quite expensive, nice for a treat and can quite often be found in offer.
This is gorgeous! So creamy and sweet. A real treat. Hard to stop myself for eating the whole tub!
Love it.
The best ice cream I have had.I love praline and to have it with cream and ice cream,what a combination.

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