4.7 5 0 109 109 Walls Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups is a well-known milk chocolate treat in a form of ice cream. This ice cream sandwich gives you the unique Reese’s taste you know and love Celebrate summer family gatherings with Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups family treat How to make peanut butter even better: cover it in a chocolatey coating just like we did Single Walls Ice Cream sweet treat is less than 250 kcal - you have four of them to share with your friends and loved ones Get the most out of our Reese's Peanut Butter chocolate ice cream by storing it at -18°C
Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups
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I am obsessed with Reeses in any shape and size. When I seen Ice Crem I just had to try them. Absolutely delicious and my new favourite.
Happiness in your hand
I picked these up from a discount store, just to try and they are proper good. The right size for an adult treat and I got them for £1.99. A good price for a great product. Good work Reese's
Little bites of heaven!
This has got to be my “pick me up” treat! I love love love them! The mix of milk chocolate and peanut butter is absolutely heavenly and mouthwatering! Calorie bombs but worrhit!
Moje najlepsze czekoladki(nie przepadam za słodyczami, ale te kocham) wspomnienie dziecinstwa Słono-słodkie, delikatne o wyraźnym smaku orzechów ale nie za słodki - co jest dużym plusem
I like Reese's rice cup as they have peanut butter.
The best chocolate ever could eat them all day long if I wasn't a diabetic 😍😍
Like Reece’s peanut butter cups but better ! A perfect summer snack and a must for any Reece’s fans :)
Reece’s I’ve cream
Delicious and very moorish. Personally just the right size. All family love these and good value for money.
I love all the reeces products so was eager to try when saw these. They are perfect size for a portion and the ice cream is nice and smooth but they just dont taste of peanut at all. Was expecting the strong flavour like all the other products but this list tasted of caramel and very faintly flavour of that too.
Anything Reese's is a winner
I myself am not very keen but having 3 children (4 including other half). They are a hit at home. Could be little bigger in size.
Love the taste of these. Chocolate, peanut butter and icecream!
these are really tasty i love reeces and i love icecream
I tried these and I thought they where horrible . I would not recommend them or buy them ever again
Nutty about these!
I love Reece’s of all kinds... and these just topped my love of all things Reece’s! They are amazing, have so much flavour and you also get a good chocolate fix as well! All round I rate this my favourite ice cream
Nutty cold perfection
There’s a time when we try products and wonder why it has taken so long for them to arrive. These just make sense

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