4.9 5 0 15 15 Discover Pro-V Hair Biology, a tailored blend of nutrients for your hair’s biology needs at every age. Pantene's Hair Biology Cleanse & Reconstruct masque helps to instantly repair damage.
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Works best as an overnight mask
The packaging is so lovely and really looks like a premium product. I didn't find the mask worked any better than conditioner when leaving in for 10 minutes. However after sleeping overnight in it my hair felt nourished and smelt lovely.
Best hair mask I’ve tried
This is a fantastic hair mask. It’s the best I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a lot! It smells amazing and using it feels like a really pampering treatment. My hair was amazingly soft and shiny after use and my usually quite flyaway hair stayed smooth and sleek after blow drying. I’ve already recommended it to my daughter.
Great product my mum had given me her tub as she had got two on an offer and it’s amazing! My hair was so silky smooth after using. Would recommend to my friends
Best ever hair mask I've used
Absolutely brilliant, makes my hair so smooth and silky after 1 use. Feels like hair had a professional treatment. Adore it so much! Now I use the shampoo and hair mask skipping the hair conditioner as my scalp is pretty oily . Would recommend for long hair.
Smooth cream
1st time trying this and was pleasantly pleased with the results will definitely be buying again
Best hair mask
Better results than Phillip Kingsley elasticizer. I have extremely dry colour teared hair this left it soft and manageable
I love it!
Definitely the best from Pantene! I have the shampoo and conditioner, amazing products. Leave my hair clean and and soft
Absolutely love this product my hair is damaged from bleaching as this product leaves my hair looking and feeling like it just walked out the salon
This hair mask is the best I have ever used and believe me I've tried a lot! It has a lovely fragrance its thick and creamy and leaves your hair feeling soft and healthy. I'm obsessed with this product and would highly recommend.
Hair feels great
Used this my hair was dry and unhealthy put it on and my hair feels amazing
Very good mask! Would highly recommend this everyone ! : )
A beautiful mask
A beautifully scented mask, leaves my hair super soft and smooth while smelling fresh for days ... very creamy in texture and goes on very smoothly.. Would highly recommend this everyone
I heard about this product alot from people..they said its amazing
Hi!!! My hair is very dry all the time😯😏 i will be happy to try this product! Thank s☺️
It's look interesting. I want to try for my hair. I need something better than usual

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