4.7 5 0 90 90 Glossy, healthy-looking hair is on-trend and here to stay but sometimes styling can mean you lose that luscious, natural shine. The Keratin Protect Intelligent Straightener – a revolutionary hair straightener that continuously detects your hair’s unique moisture levels and adjusts the heat to the optimum styling temperature, for 3x more protection, less damage and healthier looking hair.
Remington Keratin Protect Intelligent Straightener
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Great straightener
This is a great straightener. It leaves my hair feeling soft and looking a lot straighter. My hair can be quite frizzy at times but this works like a treat! Recommend it highly!
Remington straightener
I had Remington straighteners almost whole my life. Very happy about them and they keeping very long!
I love this product. Hair looks very good and shiny.
Perfect for Me °°
It's a perfect Hair straightener iron. It heats up fast and very effective. Perfect price too.
Miss them
I was brought these for my birthday and was loving the quality until the lead had snapped. However the product leaves a nice feel to your hair and I don’t feel like it created much damaged like others have in the past. Would recommend.
Great straightener 💖
This is the best straightener to have in my family it is amazing has helped me and my daughter have sensational soft hair in perfect straight style great features lovely colour and great brand
This is the best hair straightener in my set. I've tested 3 another products from different brand but after 3-4 months my hair started to be extremely dry. In this case I think, I've found perfect straightener for every day use!
Who needs GHDs
Why would you spend a fortune on GHDs when for a fraction of the price you can have beautiful hair with these! My hair is super thick and these make my hair look gorgeous!
im specialist keratin hair streightening and i make treatment with this amazing product and finished effect been very very beauty hair is no domage no frizzy
Best hair straightener
I've tried quite a few before but this is by far the best one. it leaves your hair looking great, it works very quickly and efficiently
Great for the price
for the price of these straighteners they are fabulous however if you have been to a salon or have a friend with top brand ghds or others they don't compare but for everyday use these are top notch
Leaves your hair smooth, however I did get the odd burning smell. I still prefer Jose Eber's over all hair straighteners as it really does protect your hair
Glossy hair
After trying few hair straighteners this one is the best. Doesn’t dry out hairs and make them look very healthy. Doesn’t burn a hair like others hair straighteners
Remington is the most reliable brand
Since I never get chosen for any of the free product reviewing , I just stick to reviewing products I have purchased, this hair straightener is one of them, I love it, my hair is straight, no fuzzy, no damaged .Reliable brand !
Great straighteners
Highly recommend these straighteners I was given them as a gift and they straighten your hair so well and very quickly! Also lovely to use to curl your hair. They glide through your hair easily which I’ve found other brands to pull or feel like they are burning your hair but I don’t have this with these. Very happy.

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