4.9 5 0 36 36 CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum features 10% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) for antioxidant benefits while helping to visibly brighten the complexion and promote more even skin tone.
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Best eye serum
I love this under my eyes. The vitamin c takes care of the dark circles. And it refreshes and moisturized them art the sane time.i can't think of any improvements you could make to this product. It was wonderful!
It's very good and it last a long time it keeps your skin smooth
Best Cerave Product
I loved how it made my skin glow and softened and hid the fine lines on my face.
Skin is Glowing
My skin glows after using this product. It’s very sensitive, and this is a product which doesn’t irritate and cause redness like others. I would totally recommend it to anyone out there who is hesitant about starting a new regimen.
Love CeraVe
I use mostly CeraVe products for my face based on the recommendations of several dermatologists. When I went to the drugsore to pick up some CeraVe night cream I saw the Vitamin C Serum on the shelf and decided to try it becase the price was so much better than the pricey serums I was currently using. Only been using it for about a week and a half so far, but love how it goes on and how it quickly soaks into the skin without any residue. So far, so goo. I have high hopes because it's made by CeraVe.
Love it
I absolutely love how well this works for me. Smells amazing and has made my skin feel better after just one use. I have softer smoother, and radiant skin. I would highly recommend trying out for yourself.
vitamin C
Who doesn’t like some vitamin C love this many reasons
Cheaper but not low quality!
I normally use an expensive brand serum, but I had not planned well when I packed for a recent trip, so I ran out on the 2nd day. I came across this CeraVe serum at the only store anywhere nearby. I use CeraVe body lotions and creams, so I was familiar with the brand. I was pleasantly surprosed that this serum not only actually kept my skin hydrated, but I could actually see my skin tone had evened out a bit by the last day of the trip. This is now my go-to serum.
My cerave review
I love all cerave products they always help my skin. Doesn't feel greasy
Newly added to my anti aging products
I am 42 years old and have an obsession with the word "aging."I try everything in my power to age gracefully. I have a very strict and time consuming anti aging regimen. In addition to that, I have very sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. Through much research and trial and error, I am happy to say, "I finally have my skin issues under control and not only myself but others have noticed a tremendous difference. I just recently added this product by Cera Vera Vitamin C to my regimen. I have been looking for awhile to find a Vitamin C serum that was affordable, and, although, I haven't been using it long enough, I love the way it feels, non greasy,only needing a small amount. As of now, I would recommend this product to try. I mean its not overly priced so, why not??
Nice job I liked the product id recomend it to anybody in america
One of my favorite serums!
Knows for great skincare at a great price, Cerave created a wonderful serum. Lightweight and effective. I love this product!
CeraVe Vitamin Serum
I love this CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Face Serum With Hyaluronic Acid. It works terrific and I like how it brightens my skin and puts vitamins back into my skin. I would recommend it to everyone.
Simply loved it!
I'm in my late 40's and it's starting to show😏so I've been trying to figure out a good product to help keep the youth in my skin this product make my skin feel soft and didn't dry It out I have sensitive skin and this was perfect for me. I recommend trying it out.
Another Great Cerave Product
I use to swear high end skincare worked much better than drugstore brands until Cerave changed my mind. I use so many skin care products from them and was excited to see them introduce a vit c product that included hyaluronic acid too. My main skin concerns center around dull, uneven tone so I had to try this. For the price, it's a great value. The small amount used per application stretched this for couple months for me and brings average cost per use to nearly nothing. It applies easily. I'm able to get it evenly distributed across my face and then it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a residue on my skin. No adverse reactions either. After a couple weeks I began seeing my overall skin appearance becoming less dull and more even tone. I've used it for over a month now and my skin is as close to glowing as it has been and my tone is pretty close to perfectly even. I'd recommend trying this if you have same concerns as me. It should help, it has helped me

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