Doritos Roulette Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

4.5 5 0 306 306 Doritos Roulette Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips combines your favorite flavors with an extremely spicy twist! Surprise your senses with this exhilarating mix of Nacho Cheese flavored chips and fiery hot tortilla chips. One out of a handful of chips takes the spice to Another Level!​
Doritos Roulette Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips


Adventurous Snack Experience
Recently, I picked up a bag of Doritos Roulette Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, and they're such a fun twist on the classic Doritos flavor! The nacho cheese taste is bold and delicious, but what sets these chips apart is the element of surprise. Some chips are extra spicy, adding a thrilling twist to snacking. It's like a game of chance with every chip you eat! If you're a fan of Doritos and enjoy a bit of heat, Doritos Roulette is a must-try for a flavorful and adventurous snack experience!
Favorite chips
I love these chips! They’re so good! I love eating them on their own, with nacho cheese, or crushed up for a taco salad! More cheese powder please! I would recommend! They are delicious!
Tried these for the kids lunches. We eat a lot of flaming hot and Takis type chips. The hotter the better for us so we weren’t too affected by the occasional hot chip in this package. We enjoyed the variety, taste was great like a regular Dorito with an occasional hot Dorito thrown in, pretty much what you’d expect. The hot chips aren’t inedible type hot, just hot enough to let you know it’s there, in my opinion.
I had a good time trying these with my little brother. We both love spicy so they didn’t have too much of a kick but they were delicious! I think maybe having the chips a bit spicier would have been great. Still loved them!
So good.
These were my chip of choice during my pregnancy! Love that some are normal nacho cheese and some are spicy. I do wish they had more cheesy flavor coating(you know what I’m talking about). But they’re delicious either way!
These are my go to chip of choice! They are so crunchy and jam packed full of cheesy deliciousness! I love the texture of the tortilla chip and the perfect dumping of nacho cheese flavor coating each and every bite! I buy these way more often than any other chip because they are just that good! I stock up whenever they are on sale, and it makes for a perfect addition to any snack table or just sitting around watching a movie. I absolutely recommend!
WOW these are awesome
I love these! I love all flavors of Doritos and never know which one to buy and now I don't have to choose I can get a mix of heat and flavor in one bag. Be careful though some are lip burning hot!
Decent fad
These taste decent enough. Your typical tasty dorito with the crunch you know and love. The spicy chip does lack in flavor and is mostly just numbing heat. I feel like more could have been done there
Super flavorful
These are delicious if you are in the mood for a super flavorful and spicy snack.
A Spicy Surprise for Bold Snackers
Doritos Roulette Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips bring an exciting twist to the classic Nacho Cheese flavor, adding a spicy element that keeps snack time unpredictable. As a fan of bold flavors, I appreciate the daring concept of this snack, although it may not be suitable for those who prefer milder options. The majority of these Doritos appear identical to the regular Nacho Cheese variety, but here's the catch – a select few chips in each bag are infused with an extra kick of heat. The thrill lies in not knowing which chip is spicy until you take that bold bite.
Likr it
Like it I eat when I watch tv at night when I live it
Love these chips
These this flavor good and kinda exciting to eat this one you will not regret
I thought due to the packaging there would be spicy chips as well as regular chips, I didn’t really taste a difference in each individual chip. It seemed more like a gimmick to me.
Perfect balance of taste and spice!
I love these chips and every time they come around ( about 2 times a year) I buy more bags than I should. I love the ratio of the ones that are spicy and the ones that are regular. Great snack that adds a fun spin to the chip game.
Great Snack
These chips are a great snack! However, I was excited that some may be really hot and others not so much but I was disappointed to find that they definitely were not hot as I thought they would be.

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