Salted Bamboo Chips

4 5 0 6 6 Introducing NUA Bamboo Chips - a new, innovative (and healthy) alternative to your regular run-of-the-mill chips!
Salted Bamboo Chips


Definitely Worth It
Hi-quality crunchy chips, better than best locally available in Japan. Never imagine to eat bamboo chips that taste so good like this one
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Tasty chips
I love how flavorful yet simple this chips is. Much better compared to other brands. I highly recommend buying it! I would love to try other flavors besides salty like spicy, smoked, etc.
This flavor is perfect for when the cravings hit. They are salty and crisp. You don’t have to feel guilty either.
Good and fresh
I tried this chips it's nice and crispy I can recommend any one to buy it
I tried them they are crispy and very nice and packed nicely
Not bad
The chips have a satisfying crunch that's incredibly satisfying. They manage to maintain their crispiness, even without the use of potatoes, which is impressive.Ingredients: What sets these chips apart is the use of bamboo as the main ingredient. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, and it's great to see a snack brand embracing eco-friendly choices. Plus, these chips are gluten-free, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.Packaging: The packaging is not only eye-catching but also practical. The resealable bag helps keep the chips fresh and crispy, and it's a convenient option for on-the-go snacking.Health Benefits: Compared to regular potato chips, these bamboo chips are lower in calories and fat. They are a guilt-free option for those looking to satisfy their snack cravings while making a healthier choice.Overall, Salt & Vinegar Bamboo Chips are a tasty and eco-conscious snack option. Whether you're a fan of salt and vinegar chips or simply looking to try somethin

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